Am I ovulating? Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Am I ovulating? Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • A new thread eh we'll soon fill it up again😂😂

    How are you becca

    nelly hope AF appears properly for you or maybe just a lighter flow if you've been upset:(

    babydust re test 2mrw maybe? Fingers are crossed for you xxx

  • I'm doing ok MMA, feel like my boobs are heavy, not sure if they look bigger but they feel it haha, they are also tender if i touch them. I'm just taking 1 day at a time and just trying to make it to my appointment on Tuesday to register before I see my midwife 

    how are u doing MMA? x

  • Theres nothing on pad, but i am still getting dark blood/brown when i wipe so just having a strange af. It just worried me at first and google didnt help haha!! Ovia says fertile window starts in 7 days 😊 send lots of baby dust my way 🍀🙏 

    Aw great to hear all is well becca. Hope everythings going great for you too mma x

  • Very strange nelly, the do say don't google! 😂 Thanks mma, I've not retested no signs of AF though and I bearly cried over forgetting my hairbrush!? How silly.. Just going to wait maybe until AF arrives or next week.. I'm having no symptoms whatsoever.

    Glad you're okay becca. 


  • Thanks ladies. I could help testing again and this is the result I got


    Has anyone got any idea why my pregnancy line is so much darker then my control line? 

  • That's how mine was becca I'm wondering if a batch had the lines put round the wrong way?!!! My line literally is exactly same as yours!! My test line came up well b4 the control line and loads darker last week?!!



    Very wierd!! 

    The others are more "normal" what I'm used to seeing! Top one day of missed AF then 4 days passed AF and beginning of last week. Not doing any more as hcg was 10327Miu These tests only need 12.5miu!! Just waiting on bloods were due Friday but GP hadn't received results so should get first thing tomorrow I'm hoping they've risen but won't have doubled as once you hit 10000 it slows down.

  • Maybe when hcg gets quite high it does that? I've not tested at 5+ weeks b4 usually I do tests day AF due then clear blue day after AF missed and clear blue 1 week later.

    I've got one first response left but no point in using it really!

    Boobs a very painful today underneath where bra sits yet I haven't worn one as we've all had a pj day😊 hoping that's a good sign my foods taking longer to digest so being full up isn't nice:/ very tired😴😴. Bring it on I'll take all symptoms I really don't care!!!

  • I feel extremely bloated after a meal and my stomach feels like it's going to burst, my boobs feel heavy and nipples are really sensitive. 

    Ive read online that if your pregnancy line is darker than the control line it means that the hcg levels are really high and because they are so high it takes colour from the control line, I have read it can also mean multiple pregnancy but I doubt that's true haha

  • Aah that's interesting not read that b4 just thought the test was dodgy!! No multiples😁 I think my 3 keep me busy!! If this bean sticks I think 4's enough!!😂

  • Yea apparently someone rang the people who make first response tests and they said its cause the hcg levels are really high so it has to be a good sign

  • Let's hope so becca I'm desperate for my 2nd set of blood results tomorrow! I'll let you know when I get them:) 

  • Fingers crossed MMA, hope I can get some bloods done 

  • Girls, just done a test with first morning pee. Today I am 10dpo. What do u think???????


  • Ooooo I think I see something Lovepink! Test in a couple of days. How exciting. Good luck! 

  • I think i see something too lovepink! Hope its your bfp x

  • other half just woke and he says there is definitely a line there even though it's faint! I'm really hoping its positive! So impatient now!!! I just went to get it out again to check it's still there... Took another pic, think it might be a bit clearer on this one...


  • Id definitely say positive. Congratulations!!! X

  • I see a line lovepink😀🎉

  • Aww congratulations lovepink!! 

    Still no AF for me just yet, I don't feel like anything is going to happen yet. Boobs still don't hurt like they normally do. Anyone have any suggestions about what might be going on? 😔 I'm currently CD34 X

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