My partner and I are trying for a baby so I came off the pill a few months ago.

I am due for my period on tomorrow/ Tuesday this week but I am having lots of unusual cramping that I have not experienced with a period before. It started on Thursday with a slight dull ache, Friday it was a slightly more stabbing pain on the left side occasionally but Saturday and Sunday I have had a dull ache all day and every now and again sharper pains on the right side and left side. It's not giving up!

Most of the pregnancy books I have don't mention cramps as a symptom ... Has anyone experienced this before? I have taken a test this morning and it was negative.


  • Hi Charlotte, 

    my guess would be implantation cramping, however it could be PMS.. But you said you never had them before, so I think it is implantation. Also if it is, it might just be too early for testing. 

    Do you know how many dpo (day past ovulation) are you? 

    What kind of teat did you do? 

    Good luck xx

  • I swear i wrote test, not treat lol

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