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Just a chat with others who are trying to conceive too :) Part 2



  • Hey ladies, I'm posting on behalf of my mum as it turns out she may be pregnant as well as myself.. 

    Looking at the ovulation calendar she was due to ovulate between 11th and 16th of this month, af made an appearance on the 31st december 2015.. She's been getting cramps in her stomach since the 15th. She's also been getting the odd nausea feeling every now and then. Plus her boobs have been feeling painful and tingly since 16th. This morning she noticed some white discharge too.

    can symptoms start as early as this? 😊

  • I am by no means an expert but the cramps on the 15th may have been ovulation. I believe I ovulated last week and for whole week i had bad cramps (mostly right side) and tender breasts. I had creamy white discharge too - visible on knickers (TMI). Also felt a little sick. Feel fine now and I'm about 5/6 DPO. 

    You never know though! 

  • Yep I would say the same, ovuaulation cramps. I sometimes feel sick when I am ovulating aswel.

  • I ovulated on the 14th n felt minor pains on the left pelvis.. n a little nasuea.. 

    I took a hpt today.. n as i thought it was a bfn.. i am 10 dpo today n i think im out this month.. jst feel it.. 

  • Chaitz when is af due?? 

  • Correction: i ovulated on the 10th

  • It might just be too early chaitz. Don't give up huni. Xx

  • Chaitz we are at exactly the same point and feel the same so will be interesting to see if our af turns up

  • Thanks scribble.. i hav had such a cranky tww.. its unbelievable.. lol

    becca.. i am keeping my fx for both of us.. at this point honestly i just wnt tht bfp to not have to go thru this stress again month after month.. :)

  • Definitely when I seen the negative test I thought im not doing ovulation tests next month and just going to go with the flow. I have just checked my cervix and it's slightly open and creamy fluid but don't know if that's good or not

  • Been trying a while now as we are ready to have a baby but thing is I started with folic acid n pregnacare post 3/4 weeks and I started my period today #gutted thank u Emma x 

  • Ladies what does af stand for? 

    Also what is the best way to work out my ovulation dates x thank u in advance x

  • af means aunty flow (your period)! I'm having trouble figuring out when I ovulated I use an app called ovia it tells you your fertile window dates so you know when to look put for ovulation.  I tried using ovulation tests but they just confused me. I've been getting cramps and Im very emotional if I go by ovulation tests my strongest was Friday so I'd be 5dpo but I'm not sure :/ x

  • Becca.. i had super creamy fluid until the day of AF with CP really high soft and closed.. u can only rely on the CM and CF for ovulation.. its nt the best for predicting conception of arrival of AF.. thts wat i have read atleast.. 

    nikkhan and lauren.. i am still learning the art of narrowing down my ovulation day.. i somehow dont get the best results with the ovulation kits.. so i wait to feel a cramp or discomfort .. ewcm a days before is also a good indicator.. they say if u are using opk.. its best to use it twice a day so you dont miss the peak.. i might that a go this month.. 

    i  have a question for everyone.. does the OPK have to be kept in a fridge.. or is it okay to be kept in a drawer?

  • I'm confused now as I've had ewcm today and yesterday but I also had it on 14th which is when I should have ovulated. Why am I getting it now too? I dtd last night just in case I've ovulated a week late but I'm confused now and worried that my cycles are getting too long. They are already 33/34 days! Don't want them any longer! Anyone else had ewcm after they should have ovulated? 😟

  • I have 28day cycles so would have tho I'd ovulated by now?  Could possibly be Friday as that was the darker line I had could have been anywhere from the 12th -19th I'm confused to :(! WARNING TMI.....  I just went to the toilet and have white sticky cm in my knickers what could this mean? Sorry for tmi girls xxx

  • Fertility friend is a good app and it narrows down ovulation but to be honest I think dtd every other day would keep your chances good :)

  • @scribble i get this a week after ovulating, my cyles seem to be getting shorter x

  • Have any of you ladies experienced constant bowel movement 12 dpo? I've been needing to go constantly since 12 dpo I'm now 14 dpo.. 

    its getting so bad that today Ive been 3 times in one hour and this never normally happens to me. 

    af is due either tomorrow or Saturday so I'll have to see if she makes an apprerence.. 

  • Thanks Emmaloulou, it's nice to know I'm not the only one!

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