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Just a chat with others who are trying to conceive too :) Part 2



  • I got positive OPK test then the next day i came on my period (i was 6 days late)

  • just had insemination yesterday and ovulating today...

    i have been taking seven seas trying for a baby for just over a month.

    fingers crossed it works

  • im currently playing the waiting game! my period is due in 8 days and its driving me crazy having to wait.. im scared, excited, impatient.. but im trying not to get my hopes up too much:/ but i really hope im pregnant this time, i just cant focus on anything else!

  • Hi happymummy. My af is due in 12days- feeling same as you, my husband already asking when Im gonna start testing 🙈 i probably start testing in 1week time. I want to think positive but same time dont want to get my hopes up so much. Im just focused on seeing two lines on that test. Good luck 🍀 hope this is our month 

  • Hi ladies

    I had to take a break from everything and just relax. This is currently my 3rd month ttc. Hubby and I went to OB/GYN yesterday for a pre conception visit. He started me on prescription prenatal vitamins and also wrote a lab order for my hubby to have a semen analysis done this Friday. I had AF from 2/21-2/24 I have no idea when or if I'm ovulating. I did have some slight pains in my right ovary area on 3/2 so hopefully that means that I did ovulate. My cm has kind of been weird for the past couple of days so I'm not sure what to make of that. 

    All in all, I'm hoping that this month is the month. I'm pretty nervous about my hubby's test on Friday. But I'm hoping and praying that it comes back normal.

  • I'm out.....AF started today :( good luck everyone else for this month. xx

  • Hi everyone. I am currently 6 days late and every test I take is showing negative. I've had no cramping apart from a few odds one last night so I don't know what to think. Could I be pregnant and if so why isn't it showing up?   I want to get excited but at the same time im afraid in case in let down .

    What should I do ??

  • Have you started taking different vitamins this month?

  • No tbh.  Do you mean folic acid ?

  • Like seven seas or anything?

  • Sometimes taking different vitamins can make your period late

  • Ive not been  in any vitamins or medication so I dont know why I could be late other than pregnant. 

    I've taken another test just now thinking the 1st urine sample of the day might show a different result but once again a negative. But still no cramps or nothing. 

    What do you think I should do

  • i would wait till you are 10days late then maybe go see your doctor. How long are your cycles normally?

  • There usually a couple of days either early or late but the last time this happened I was 7 days late done a pregnancy test and one clear line showed and one very faint line showed and I was 4 weeks pregnant with my baby girl so hopefully same around


  • Has anyone got any good news this month? image

  • Hey ladies does anyone have advice on trying to concieve after IUD (mirena) removal ? 

  • Hello ladies, I had to take a break from these forums as I was getting too stressed out thinking about ttc every day lol. How is everyone? I'm in my fertile window now but not taking vitamins this time and not obsessing over cm, just going with the flow. Dtd tonight.

    Best of luck @Jamieed


  • I went to the doctors today, told her that i haven't conceived after miscarriage i had last year and worried something might be wrong as I'm only 25 i don't smoke or drink, I'm not under any stress, i have periods every month and she checked my bmi and that's fine. She seemed quite confused. Didn't really reassure me, just patience.

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