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Just a chat with others who are trying to conceive too :) Part 2



  • hey kristy.. i know how it feels hun.. i know nothing i say will make you feel better.. but you know it will happen when it is meant to be... my af is due on the 26th and i already know i am out this month.. i have been depressed cranky and everything u can imagine... just try to relax.. though it is easier said that done.. you will get your little bean very soon.. we all will.. xoxo.. 

  • It sucks though lol and its just not fair...other women will just bd once and like 5 days before ov even and its like enough to give them twins lol...when I bd with dh during the weekend I was like we had a quckie I'm not even expecting to get pregnant this time, I'm not even going to track all the symptoms like I was last time lol but since the day I ovulated, just 'knowing' that I bd and that it 'could' get me preggy lol I'm constantly thinking about it now...

  • i know what you mean.. bding is still something you can do without getting stressed.. but the tww is what makes you lose your mind.. and somehow you get all the "symptoms".. and you cant help but google.. i wish i was on a vacation like for  a month during my fertile window and my 2ww.. so i wouldnt think abt it so much.. but i know tht is not remotely possible.. anywys.. i am sending loads of baby dust your way hun.. 

  • And to you too chaitz, thanks so much xx

  • so I took another hpt this morning and again it came back as a BFN, I'm getting so confused, I've taken two tests, both which came back as a BFN. My acne is crazy, it's getting worse by the day, I never get this much acne when af is due. I'm still getting the odd pain in my stomach, I'm getting so much thick white discharge, it looks a bit like glue, sorry for the tmi by the way. I've had two headaches this week and I rarely get headaches. Im getting hot flushes day in day out, my appetite has gone up, I'm always eating and still remain hungry afterwards. The past 3 days I've had a nausea feeling that came in waves for about an hour and then stopped. Some food is making me feel sick after I've eaten. My nipples look more pointed than usual and are becoming itchy now and then. My skin is also itchy, mainly at night just as I'm going to bed. I'm also itchy down below too, again sorry for the tmi.

    im getting so confused, I've re looked at my calculations on af and I'm due on between today and tomorrow, nothing has shown up yet, normally af makes a apprerence in the mornings of when im due on. I don't know about you ladies but it's starting to drive me crazy. 

    I do apologise for such a long post.

  • We know what it's like hey we know... Well since AF is due for you today or tomorrow I think a little patience is gonna help...You're already many days ahead of ovulation than I am which means your closer to finding out soon, so wait and lets see if AF shows up or not xx

  • Is so hard to symptom spot im trying for my 3rd but with my two previous pregnancys never had any symptoms other  then a missed period just a waiting game happen when it's meant to be 😊

  • Hi ladies, I'm in the waiting window too atm. I agree sooooo hard not to symptom spot!

    If my cycle is being normal this month I am due AF on 28th/29th. Not gonna test till 30th tho. I'm not overly hopeful that this is my month  but I freakin hate waiting! 😣

  • It has now been almost 6 weeks waiting on AF after stopping pill. I think I might have ovulated last week so I'm giving it to the 30th -  actually want an AF to see where I stand roughly - only time I'll look forward to it coming! 

  • I'm due my af on the 31st so will test then but it's my first month off  the pill so expeciting it to be messed up 

  • Sj83 you are in the same boat as me!

  • I'm sure my body is trying to mess with my head...3days ago thought af was starting cos had a bit of spotting but for the 2 days after that there was nothing then just got up and af has arrived, it's never done that before, usually spot for 2 days but doesn't stop then gets heavier, gutted 

  • imageI took this test this morning and not sure but I think I can see a faint line. What do you guys think?

  • how many days past o are you Becca?

  • Around 12 dpo my ad is due on Tuesday 

  • Okay, well personally I'm trying to make myself see the line lol its not too visible to me (sorry if I sound rude) but good thing with progesterone is its gonna continue to increase thus increasing your hcg as well. It is said that it's wiser to test as soon as you wake up in the morning with your first pee..(before drinking or eating anything) your pee will be untainted thus making room for a more accurate result. So maybe you want to test again first thing next morning fir an improved result. I really pray you get the bfp you wish for...Baby dust xx

  • becca I can end a slight line wait till Tuesday and test again 

  • Kristana your not being rude at all, I thought I could see a very faint line but wasn't sure so thought I would put a pic up and get people's opinion. I think I will wait and see if af arrives on Tuesday 

  • I am really bad at this.. i am sorry but i dont see a line.. it is usually clearer in person.. so you could test if your AF does not arrive.. which i sincerely hope it doesnt !! Baby dust to you hun

  • I think I have line eye lol I just need to be patient and see if af turns up :)

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