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Just a chat with others who are trying to conceive too :) Part 2



  • I'm having tingling nipples and some tummy aches but no idea if it's pregnancy related. Probably not as I had both last month too and got AF eventually which was so disappointing... but I can't help hoping. At this point I dont even know if I CAN get pregnant, I would at least like to know its possible even if I end up having an mc.

    ...Sorry for ranting I'm feeling a bit down about all this tonight, like it won't ever happen for me


  • dont be like that hun.. it is a frustrating time no matter how glorified people try to make it.. making a little bean is suppose to be happy and not this difficutl.. i know it will happen.. trust me.. just hang in there.. the stork is just bein a little lazy.. it will arrive with your bundle of joy soon.. xoxo..

  • 7 more days til I am going to take a test then a few more after that to see of my AF comes. This wait is frustrating. Partner is probably ready to kick me out bahaha. I've been very emotional. I've been wanting to eat more. Boobs itching. 😅 hope you ladies are well. It's been an interesting roller coaster for me!

  • I definitely didn't think I would come so stressed by trying to conceive that I've had ovulation testa and looking for a line to be present on my pregnancy tests. I'm due on Tuesday so my challenge is not to buy another test unless my af doesn't turn up. 

  • Does anyone know if the preseed ok for sensitive skin, i have to use infacare in the bath can't use normal soap or bubble bath cos irritates down there. I didn't even know that lubricant can make it harder to conceive untill today lol

  • I use conceive plus. I have allergies and very sensitive. It's great for me x

  • Thank you chaitz..  I really hope it's time soon for me and you too xxx

  • Im due on tuesday too.. i know im out but smhw i feel alright.. wnt the evil witch to show her fce n b dne wth it so i can try again

  • Fingers crossed our af don't turn up on Tuesday chaitz 

  • Hey everyone wasnt on this in while was busy hope all is doing well im back to gynaecologist this week hopefully this is it i be put on clomid first time ever excited and nervous would love if it work first time will they do scans or blood test before hand or what

  • I recently posted on here I had a mc at 13.5 weeks on December 22nd naturally the doctor said there was no reason we should wait we could ttc again right away !

    i took more then I can count first response tests and they're all faint and positive ! I called my doctor but she hasn't yet got back to me . Yesterday I had a bit of brown spotting , and for the past week I have had many pregnancy symptoms that I haven't had such as intenense sense of smell , naseaua all the time , cravings , sore and more fuller breasts and more tired often and an oily face . 

    does this happen when you're period is about to return or body is regulating again or could I be pregnant already 😍😍❤️

  • I am having dull cramps and pressure in my belly, been super gassy, feeling super bloated, and I've been tired on and off. 😣 

  • Hi Breedawn,

    Did you get a negative test after your miscarriage, showing that your hormones had gone back to normal? Hopefully your symptoms are the result of a new pregnancy. Best wishes hun!

  • Thanks scribble , 

    no I didn't i called my doctor and she said that my hcg wasn't taken only the last time I was in the hospital 2 dads before mc but my levels should have been down because I passed quickly and naturaly . Butt she just got my hopes cup for nothin woke up too a full blown period and cramps ..hopefully next month 💕

  • Aw hun, good luck for february x

  • AF still hasn't made an apprerence as of yet, I'm 1-2 days late as I was due Thursday / yesterday. I haven't tested again as of yet. I'm going to wait until Monday morning, gives me a chance to see if af decides to make an apprerence being a little late. I haven't had any period pains which is odd as I normally do get them a couple of days before I'm due on. My hair and skin is turning very greasy which is also odd as I never ever get greasy hair or skin.. My acne is still coming up. Haven't had any spotting as of yet. But not everyone has spotting. Good luck to all you ladies ttc this month. 💞

  • Sounds hopeful Chloe, fingers crossed for you image

  • Hey everyone so I'm 9 dpo  and sorry for tmi but  a tiny bit of blood when I wiped this afternoon don't know if this is a start of my first true period or not 

  • Sj83 I've read that implantation bleeding can occur 6-12 after ovulation so maybe it could be that? Fingers crossed for you 😊

  • thanks chloe 6897 I just had a look at implantation bleeding I'll keep a check on it see if it continues :) 

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