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Just a chat with others who are trying to conceive too :) Part 2



  • Congrats Chloe!!!

    @Kagome Thanks, hopefully I will be pregnant soon image 

    @chaitz Do what you've got to do huni. Your time will come soon xxx 

  • Congratulations Chloe! 😊

    My breasts have been so stinkin sore today & my partner and I enjoyed ourselves really early this morning for the heck of it. Intimacy should be fun and stress free. It wasn't planned like most of our times were. 😀 CM has been creamy/watery STILL even after estimated ovulation day. No nausea, shew, but I was moody. I started bawling and laughing last night. 😅😮 Partner has a gut instinct so we will see. We plan to test again next weekend which is a week before my AF then again closer to my AF! 😶

  • Congratulations Chloe, I'm still having cramps on and off today but no af

  • Addaye- testing a week before AF isn't likely to show anything, maybe wait until earliest 4days before? some tests can detect 4days but most are day of AF. Good luck. xx

  • I started my period so obv was upset but prior had a feeling I maybe pregnant not having done a test. Funny bit is my period only lasted me 2 days which is very unusual for me. I had the funny smells getting 2 me and breasts feeling really sore n tender the the biggest was different smells getting to me which is a new one for me. I'm also taking pregnacare but haven't done a test as I started my period on my due date. What's got me confused is the period lasting 2 days 

  • Nikkhan, maybe you should still do a test hun. Sometimes a very short or light period is actually implantation or break-through bleeding from a pregnancy.

  • Normally my period is not so heavy and def not light n I do get severe pain even of its my back or thighs this time it was just my stomach hurting for 1 day n 2 day period and that's it. I'm really nervous in doing a test as we said we would do one on my due date. This really plays havoc with my emotions x thank you Scribble for replying x

  • I think if there's anything unusual for you it's probably a good idea to test to give you some peace of mind 

  • Looks like I'm out for this month :(  AF decided to be a complete *!tch and show up just on the day that my fiancé and I are looking after my friend's little 3 year-old (who is the most adorable thing ever). Devastated doesn't come close right now.

  • Nikkhan1984 does sound like could be implantation bleeding maybe take a test. 

  • Il prob take a test on weds or just wait tbh really feel like having the patience and waiting to see if I start next month hoping not though x 

  • Sorry to hear that Sakura. I hope next cycle is your lucky one xx

  • Sakura - awful timing - sorry to hear AF arrived :(

  • Well, I can't stand eating my favorite food anymore. My partnerS face was priceless and he asked why I quit eating. I said it tasted weird and made me nauseous. 😬 

    Could be nerves too. I'm snowed in and needing off my hill for work but I'm worried I'll hit the ditch or total someone's truck at the bottom who's already in a ditch. Sigh.

  • Af is due tomorrow have been having cramps on and off and today there is a lot of creamy cervical fluid 

  • My AF is due on Thurs and I have similar cm to becca. Good sign?

    I found out yesterday that one of our friends who lives away in England so we rarely see her, is pregnant. Six months already with a little girl. So happy for her but so jealous too... 😞

  • Twice now I've notice opaque white cm in my knickers sorry for tmi. I've never had this before?  Xxx

  • Hopefully scribbles I'm due tomorrow and have read your usually dry just before your Af. I have been having cramps on and off since Saturday and had thought my af might have made an early appearance. I'm trying to resist testing and trying to wait untlol I'm a day late

  • Hey ladies, I have been experiencing dull cramps in the middle of my lower belly and sometimes it hurts more towards the left. The pain is mild but dull and has been consistent for maybe 30 minutes. My AF isn't due til Feb 6.

  • Addaye - could it be late ovulation? 

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