So broody, don't know what to do!!!

I started feeling broody about a month ago and I assumed it was just a phase and it would pass. It hasn't passed and it is getting worse and worse and I have no idea what to do. I work in a nursery as an apprentice and so I am constantly around children. This does not help. The problem is I am 19 years old and still live at home. My bf is 23 and he still lives at home also. My bf has a good job that pays a good amount but we haven't been together too long only 6 months. I have spoken to my bf about this and he told me that if I wanted a baby and I was ready then he was ready. He was really excited. I am not interested in travelling or partying, my dream and aspiration has always been a family life. I realise that it is not an ideal situation but what should I do? How can i stop this progressing? my whole life plan has been turned  upside down. My priorities was always marriage then children, now it seems all i want is to be a mother. What should I do?


  • I got pregnant with my first aged 16 wasn't planned as you can tell but me and my boyfriend had only been together 3 months!!!!!! I didn't know what to do I had just left school but looking back I defo wouldn't change her for the world I was with her dad 5 years after that unfortunately we split. But she's still the best precious diamond I've ever had!  If you and your partner feel your ready and have a good income there is no reason why you can't try! It's a life changing experience but one of the most amazing ones at that! Ages doesn't matter I was young and didn't start well of but my child has never give without and is a very bright little girl!  I have got on with my career. Xx

  • Hi hun. If you feel truly ready for a baby and all that it comes with then that's great, but you and your bf should definately get a home together first - dating and living together 24/7 are very very different, believe me! image  Make sure you are comfy living together and financially stable and then you'll have all the time in the world to make a beautiful bubba together. Good luck x

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