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Embarrassing.. But please help.

Hi everyone. 

This is really personal and I'm embarrassed to talk about it but I need some advice.

I've been with my fella for nearly ten years, we don't have any children as I've recently come off the pill injection which I was on for 15 years. Last year we decided we want a baby.. But there's one big problem.. image he can't ejaculate through sex only foreplay or masterbation, its a real confidence killer & really gets me down but its something I've got to deal with. So.. We've tried Turkey basin style a few times which hasn't worked.. Well I'll get to the point.. We had sex 3 weeks ago and of course he didn't come image but I'm late on my period I'm always really regular & come on around 15th and still no sign. I can't really say I've got any signs only loads of heartburn. Has anyone else had this problem ? I feel like we are the only couple who don't have "propper" sex and its really getting me down.  Thanks for reading image


  • Hi, every couples sex life is different! Lots of women find it hard to climax through sexual penetration, and so although I've never thought of it I guess there are men who must have the same issue. You've been together a long time do clearly you have a sexually fullfiling relationship, but getting pregnant for some people can be hard anyway so add in this issue and you may struggle. I guess first things first, take a test, there is spearmint pre-come (so I believe) so it could be although he didn't finish inside you that he still produced and released sperm. I'm pretty sure I saw a gadget on the internet that you fill with sperm/ejeculate and put up inside you and it places the sperm right by the cervix where they need to be. Sorry can't recall the name of it! 

  • Aww Thankyou you've made me feel a lot better image and that sounds promising I'll look into that. Thanks again! Xx

  • its called Stork OTC conception device! Just seen it advertised a on my ovia app and thought of you. If you're in the uk try using the discount code OVIA20 to get 20% off! Good luck x

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