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negative pregnancy test , implantation bleed or menustration?

so me and my boyfriend have only been trying to conceive for 2 months , I had the implanon but came off it about 3 months ago . the first month we tried but I got my period , so the last month we tried again made sure we did it on my fertile days and especially time of ovulation so I was hoping to be pregnant. took a test the day after my period was due and it came up negative , now , when i was 3 days late my period shows up .its not as heavy as usual although it is the bright red colour not pinkish or brown just wondering after reading up about implantation bleeding should I take another test ? has this happened anyone before and it ended up they were pregnant ? thanks :)


  • Hey hun, I think I'm having implantation bleeding as well. I plan on taking a test next week when my period is due if it doesn't show up. I've read online that implantation bleeding is usually a light pink or rusty brown in colour. It's never usually bright red like a period. I may be wrong though! I would take another test in a couple more days sweet x

  • Hey ladies I'm in the same boat as all of you! I got what I think is AF about 3 days before it was due... it was sort of heavy but not my usual  AF heavy was bright red and lasted about 2.5 to 3 days... I took a HPT today and got a BFN. I have some cramping in my lower belly I might test a week later if I still feel the same. My advice would be to wait and take a test in around a week. Wish you both the best! :) 

  • Baby dust to us all!!

  • hi, Im 23 and been TTC for over a year now with my partner. NO LUCK THOUGH!!

    My body so far has been like clockwork and I know the exact day my AF will arrive.

    Although I was 4 days late this month ( was so hopefuly that I was pregnant) but then I started bleeding quite heavily. Does that just mean that my AF has arrived late.

    I was so positive I was pregnant. I got 'the feeling' and my body had done things that I hadn't had happen before.

    HELP PLEASE!! im so worried!!

  • Well if it's quite heavy I would say it's af as implantation bleeding is usually quite light and a pinky or rusty brown colour instead of red x

  • thanks for all your replys girls ! yeah I have it about 3 days now so think its just that time of the month :( going to start taking supplements to try again for next month can yee recommend any ? was thinkin about pregnacare but I heard seven seas trying for a baby is good aswell , best of luck to all you girls TTC :) x

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