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Early light bleeding.


I'm new to this stuff so here's my story. Last night after intercourse I noticed brown discharge. It went away the next morning and turned into pink mucousy discharge. It is now slightly heavier. Almost like a very light period. We have been ttc for 7 months now after having a MC in May. I also have mild cramping. My period isn't due for another 2 days and this started 3/4 days before my expected period. I have a regular cycle and my periods are NEVER early. Could this be our month? Or am I grabbing at straws? 


  • Also, I am currently not spotting or bleeding at all. Just the very light bleeding an hour ago, not a spot since.

  • hi, Im 23 and been TTC for over a year now with my partner. NO LUCK THOUGH!!

    My body so far has been like clockwork and I know the exact day my AF will arrive.

    Although I was 4 days late this month ( was so hopefuly that I was pregnant) but then I started bleeding quite heavily. Does that just mean that my AF has arrived late.


    I was so positive I was pregnant. I got 'the feeling' and my body had done things that I hadn't had happen before.


    HELP PLEASE!! im so worried!!

  • Sounds promising missamber, how about taking a pregnancy test? 

  • Meme, thank you for responding. I took a test midday yesterday and it was a clear negative. I'm still light bleeding off and on today. No tampon or panty liner needed. I seem to only bleed when I use the bathroom. And it's not Everytime.

  • Might be worth a visit to your Doctor for a check up 

  • I would agree if my doctor didn't tell me I had to wait until my period was at least 2 weeks late before I came in. I'm thinking of switching doctors... 

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