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Due in November 2016 bfp 😊😊

image I got my bfp today on my second month of trying  expected due date is 6 November 2016 :) 



  • Congratulations 

  • Thank you :) xx

  • Congratulations hun!! 😄🎉🎉🎉🎉 hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! ❤

  • Thank you  so much deejah bee :) so happy and excited 

  • Atm by me working out my dates I will be due 7th November....a couple of weeks before oh's birthday xxx

  • hi Hayley ahh that's nice could even be closer to other half birthday if late did you say you had a 8 year old aswell on other forum ? my girls will be 9and 7 this year :) 

  • Yeah that's what I told little girl is 7 she will be 8 in july.  Everythings changed so much and I really cant remember too much now from being pregnant with her.  Will all be so new xxx

  • I know every things changed to how you can make up bottles etc I'm sure we will take to it now time again though how are you feeling I feel fine constant needinf to go toilet though I had implantation spotting last week never had that before thought it was strange 

  • I never had that with my little girl.  Im sure I don't remember needing to wee this much either lol Its not even a gradual I need a wee but it can wait its a im bursting I NEED a wee lol.  Ive had a few aches and I feel a bit nauseous today.  Im sure it will be fine when it comes to it but its just the thinking about it all lol I think the main thing is i havent got my head around being pregnant yet xxx

  • I know I can't remember needing toilet this much either lol I know I was in total shock yesterday didn't think I'd fall so quick kerp looking at test was you trying long 

  • I stopped taking my pill 3 years ago in april.  I had a mc not last april the april before so I only count it as 2 years.  It my first with my oh as my little girl isn't his.  I sort of don't want to get too excited just yet....when im passed the 8 week mark I will be a bit better but I was 8 weeks with my mc.  How long were you trying? x 

  • Oh bless you :( that's why I'm not telling family yet want to wait make sure all ok first fingers crossed sticky beans :) only two months come off pill in Jan my girls not my partners either I was married to there dad my oh has two girls aswell 

  • Yeah im not telling anyone until we know everything is ok for sure. Oh wow quick then :) this is my partners first. 

    Im hoping they are sticky beans, fingers crossed for both of us

    Im not quite sure now though when to ring up the midwife, don't want to do it too soon but then I don't want to leave it too late xxx

  • I've rang the doctors today for app next week get the ball rolling  cos think that's changed as well think you get a scan at more 13 weeks now and need midwife visit before that too just got to keep positive  I think 🙏😊X 

  • im not sure if I will be here for 13 weeks we are going to Scotland for a week and a half on 29th april....I will get the number and ring midwife.  Like you say get the ball rolling.  Where I am the doctors don't do anything we have to ring the midwife at the hospital xxx

  • where abouts are you im in Hertfordshire and im sure if appointments work out around your holiday time they will always reschedule anyway were going Scotland to but not till August my ex mother in law is from Edinburgh 

  • i just see your profile you have a summer aswell :) summers my youngest kaitlins my first 

  • Im in Essex.  Its all changed since my little girl round here.  Before there was a midwife who was in a building round the corner from my doctors but when I was pregnant before I rang the doctors and they said you have to go straight to the midwife at the hospital.  I ended up leaving a message only for them to take a few weeks to call back.  In that time I had my mc.

    We go up to Scotland quite a bit, oh's family lives up there so we visit and stay with his mum while we are there just outside Glasgow. xx

  • That's terrible  with midwifes :( I think my first step is doctor it used to be any way lol if not doctor can point me in right direction we used to go every year so my mother in law could see family but not been for a couple of years booked up a at a haven site plenty of things to do for the kids then if the weathers not so nice :) 

  • Yeah Haven sites are normally really good. Hopefully the weather is nice though.

    Im hoping the weather will be ok when we are up there, we are going camping while we are there.  We normally try to go up there at least once a year sometimes 2 depending on how much holiday I have left at work towards the end of the year.  It nice to get up there because oh's grandparents are up there so its nice to see them while they are around if that makes sense xxx

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