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CRYPTIC pregnancy

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone had experienced a CRYPTIC PREGNANCY and if you could tell me your stories? 

My story I feel like I'm going crazy I'm 30 I have 3 kids to ex hubby. New partner 23 and fit. We have been ttc for 1 and half years to no avail.

My last af was new year eve. I had cramps 8dpo thinking implantation cramps, then more symptoms include late period then spotting came I had bloods neg ... next cycle  (I usually know when I ovulate as I get pains due to cysts perfectly ok) but I didn't get that this cycle.  My cycle only 23 days I toke a test last week with a definite pos then I started spotting again very light but getting negs I am certain I am pregnant although hcg levels are down.  I can't be going threw menopause could I?   Any reply appreciated 

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