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Chemical pregnancy??? Advice please

Hey ladies

I just need some advice... I started TTC this month, I think I ovulated around the 13-14th of January and soon after that I started to feel really queasy and crampy,my breasts were crazy sore and my appetite increased a lot...I didn't want to test as I was afraid if I tested too early it wouldn't show or I might have a CP (chemical pregnancy) I then started my period 3 days early and two nights before what I think is AF I was spotting, next day nothing and on the 23rd I started what I think is AF but the flow was different from my normal AF it was a little lighter and a very bright red for two days it came light heavy and on the 3rd day it was just spotting now it's been 6 days and I'm still spotting has anybody experienced this? Is this a chemical pregnancy? Or just a strange period?

Opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated 😊

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