cd 22 6-7dpo Part 2

Hi everyone,
This is a new continuation thread for the cd 22 6-7dpo thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

Wishing you all BFP's soon and so much baby dust!



  • thank you Danielle 

    so they've agreed you can have a blood test? Do you have to wait long?

  • No they didn't agree, she said to me that they can't do anything about it. Even though I said they could give me a blood test to see if my hormines are raising how they should be. Anyway, forget the doctors I feel that Cassanovum will be just as good as the progesterone xx

  • I've been looking for more reviews and it seems so.  Did you take any multivitamin as well? I stopped taking mine after last cycle but think I should be taking them so took 1 today. 

  • So can you take them whilater taking the Cassanovum? I wasn't sure and didn't want to overdose on pills lol. 

  • Im not sure that's why I didn't, but apart from the folic acid I thought they had different ingredients.  Maybe I had best not 

  • They said you're allowed to take 400-800-1000mcg of folic acid bit do not exceed that unless your doctor has told you to do so. 

  • Think both sets of tablets have 400mg each 

  • Yeah, so I've taken the Cassanovum and just the plain old folic acid itself of the same amount. Also, have you had any symptoms yet going forward to ovulation soon? Any increase in CF? I had a massive change 

  • Hey girls so got in from work still got headache but feel sick with it 😭

  • Yes cm is increasing, not egg white consistency yet

    Star starting to get a light line show up on opks.  Urine has gotten darker. 

  • Maybe you may be pregnant Emma? You wanna test and see? Do you feel sick only when you're hungry or all the time anyway?

    That's a good sign and yeah it coming close meme soon hopefully you'll be ovulating. Still taking the Cassanovum? 

  • Yes I take it every day, still need to urinate way too often 

  • It's so inconvenient, with my job I'm not always near a toilet, especially nice clean ones

  • Happy Mothers Day all 💐

  • Oh really why is that? I've also noticed I've had to be peeing a lot maybe its the Cassanovum. I feel it as a clear out anyway even pooping sorry lol its helped me quite a bit so feel very well machined at the moment 

  • I've Not pooping so much again lately so it's not affecting me in that way 

  • Hehe how are you ladies this morning? :)

  • Hi All, I am now 17 dpo and AF is late. Patiently waiting her arrival but I am never late. All BFN's!

  • Good, just relaxing before going to my parents for lunch.  Hubby had a night shift last night so he's still sleeping.  

    We've not had much time for bdin the last couple of days hopefully we can catch up this evening. 

    i can feel the odd ache on the left side, hopefully my egg is ripening nicely.  

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