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Can you see a line?

Hi ladies

Can I have your eyes please.




  • I see something. Congratulations! Test in a day or two and the line should become darker. X

  • Thank you. Really hope so, such a rocky road so far with TTC x

  • Oh it is isnt it.. It's my 7month off the pill and AF got me Sunday! 😩 We bd'd at the right time to. Test again tomorrow and the line should be darker. Congratulations again!! X

  • Was a tad darker today but still there. We been trying almost a year, had 3 very early mc so I'm really on edge. I hope it happenssoon for you x

  • Aw sorry to hear that its a shame isn't it. I can't really moan when you've been through that and have been trying for a year! 

    How late is AF? 


  • AF is now 10 days late. 

    Its still horrid hun no matter how long your trying, makes you so anxious. 

    Attached all tests so far ximage

  • I definitely see a line, rather than wasting money wait 2/3 days now before you test again to see if its gone darker. 

    Have you used anything to help conceive? 

  • No, since mc my ovulation is all over plus have pcos so it's difficult to track. I had bloods yesterday so will see how they come back x

  • If say yes x

  • I finally got my positive 2-3 weeks on clear blue.

    First hcg 20.7 and today's 110 😊 x

  • Great news! Very jealous haha. Congratulations  x

  • Thank you, stay positive baby dust, I know it's so disheartening but it will come. Xx

  • Hi ladies so tesed this morning and not sure if I am seeing a faint line or just wishful thinking image

    What do you girls think xx 


  • Hey hun. I think I can see something on the top one. Fingers crossed hun. Xxx

  • Today I got this... 

    I know clear blue are known for false positives. I had the coil removed on the 2nd Feb. We've had 7 miscarriages in the last 6 years and we thought we would have one last try. 

    Took this at work but the horizontal line seemed faint and odd so I don't know if the test was a dud. I bought a cheap red dye test after this and was nothing there..

    Do you think this is an evaporation line? I have no idea when my period is due as haven't had one since before I had the coil put in in September 2014..image

  • Sorry to hear your mc's, so difficult. 

    I think this looks positive. Try again tomo see what it shows 😊 xx

  • I will. I stocked up on red dye tests. It's so hard when you want it so badly. 

    I do don't want to get my hopes up at all but fingers crossed x

  • Took this tonight about an hour again and the lines appeared with literally 5 seconds, Wat do people think ximage

  • Hour ago I meant*

  • Ah I'm keeping everything crossed for you. It is hard sending positive thoughts your way xx

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