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is this a very faint bfp?

Hi ladies. I'm really struggling with line eye lol. This is a superdrug test from fmu today. I think I see a line but not 100% can you see anything? I'm 13dpo cd 26.  Tia.imageimageimage



  • Anyone please?  X

  • Hi Avril. I see a faintest line on bottom picture, but I think its best to repeat the test tomorrow morning. How many dpo are u? X

  • Thanks cen 86,  I'm 13 dpo cd 26. Due af in 3 days. So glad someone else can see it too. Thought I was going crazy. I've heard about tweaking tests too but have no idea what that means or how to do it. X

  • Just tested again with same brand but from a different box....faint 2nd line again

  • Its best to test with FMU. Why dont you try first response its very sensitive gives results 6days early. Im gonna start testing next week eventhough I know its gonna be two early Im eager to find out. So hopefully we both have BFP this month

  • Yes the first test I did was this morning fmu. I've got one superdrug left so will do that in the morning and get some frer too. Thankyou for your advice. Hope u get ur bfp xxx

  • Hi...I got the same faint line today and I'm also not due on until Saturday....fingers crossed for both off us x image

  • Yay!!!! Good luck Charley :-) il post back here in the morning. Looking forward to both of us having darker lines. Good luck xx

  • Ahh you too....I will post 2moro mornin also...hopefully both are lines will be darker....x

  • Hi avril....This is my test from this mornin...not due on until Saturday but theirs def a line hehe...hope u get the same x

  • Wow!!!! Congratulations!!! That's a definite bfp :-) I've still got a line but faint like yesterday's. ...can they all be evaps? That's 3 now. Feel really crampy today. Xxx

  • How quick do the lines appear? 

  • Within 2 mins maybe....but defo within time. I have to cracking test open to see though. That's how faint. X

  • Hmm strange maybe wait till the day your due and see what happens x 

  • Another really faint squinter line on a frer too. Fmu pee saved from this morning. Gona try again in a bit as I've been holding since 8am now. Lol. X

  • Congrats Charley!! Pls. Send some baby dust this way. 

    Good luck avril. Im gonna start testing in 5days time x

  • I hope you get ur BFP then it'll be my turn to post it here :) fingers crossed x

  • its pay day so woke up at 5 and out to asda to get a clear blue to confirm I am pregnant and it did exactly that....pregnant 1 to 2 I'm 3 to 4 :) so happy right now...

    I'm sending you all some baby dust and hope you all get your bfp soon xx

  • Awww congratulations!!!! Xxx

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