TTC baby number 1, looking for a buddy

Relatively new here, but my partner and I have decided to try for our first baby. I got the implant removed in October, so been TTC since December. I've started to drive myself a bit crazy with TTC.

Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?



  • Hi RebeccaD09! I'm in a similar position to you - came off the pill early Feb to TTC baby no 1. I feel like I'm in limbo atm as it's 5 and a half weeks and no AF as of yet (testing weekly just in case and no BFP either). Last time I came off the pill it took 4 months for my cycles to start back up again so hoping that isn't the case this time! 

  • Hi Rebecca. I started ttc october for my 1st baby. I had a chemical pregnancy last month :-/ 

    I had intercourse around ovulation so hoping to get BFP this month. 

    How many dpo are u? 

  • Hi Sugarandspice. As you said it might take some time for your hormones to settle again. 

  • Hi guys, 

    glad I'm not alone in this lol. Cen86 I'm not actually sure...I ovulated around the 22/23rd of February, and on the 28th and 29th I had some spotting....AF was due on last Monday and it still hasn't arrived. I tested last Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday and they were all BFN's so I left it until this morning, tested again and it was a BFN again😔 I don't know why but I decided to do an ovulation test on Thursday and it was positive so I don't know what's happening....but we DTD last week 3 times, so hopefully if that was my proper ovulation we have managed to catch it....

    SugarandSpice hopefully your AF shows up soon, and you can start getting excited😊 Fingers crossed for all of us x

  • I ovulated 6/7th of march. AF due next monday. I've already done so many tests all BFN one that had very faint line which got me very excited but unfortunately all other tests I did after that came back BFN. Maybe it was a EVAP line 😔 but maybe its still too early. I really hope we'll get our BFPs very soon. X

  • imageimage

    This was the faint line which got me and hubby very excited

  • I know this will sound stupid but I hope my AF shows up soon, so I know that I'm my pregnant, because every day that it doesn't show, I get a little bit more excited, even though I know I'm not pregnant.

  • Cen - sorry to hear you had a chemical pregnancy. How many DPO are you now?

    Both - its confusing and frustrating isn't it! I was so sure I ovulated last month (I had the usual mittelschmerz I used to have back before I was on the pill) but that was 3 and a half weeks ago now so I guess I was wrong...

    Rebecca - did you have strange symptoms after getting the implant removed? I'm not sure if it's the same as the pill in that respect. I had a few weeks of terrible headaches and a week of nausea / nipple pain but that all seems to have cleared up now. Hoping I don't get the spots / weight gain so many people have mentioned! 

  • Sorry think my post crossed with both of yours!

  • Cen I can definitely see a faint line there! It would still be early if you're AF isn't due quite yet so other BFNs could be due to timing etc. Fingers crossed! 

    Rebecca I know how you feel. I'm dying for AF to show just so I'm not in this limbo anymore! 

  • SugarandSpice, I didn't really get any symptoms afterwards...but when I had the implant in, I was getting 8 week periods then coming off for 2 weeks then back on for 8 weeks, so I don't think I really noticed any symptoms, I was just happy not to have my period.

    Cen- that must have been so upsetting when the negatives came after the faint positive...fingers crossed and hopefully the BFP's happen soon x

  • It's all the uncertainty of not knowing what is try for years to prevent pregnancy and they still happen, but when you actually try it takes ages😩

  • Hey girlies,

    Thought i'd get involved... That does look like a faint line i can see exciting!

    Sooo...I been off the pill since August but it took about 3 months for my AF to go back to normal, been trying properly with sticks the past 3 months now and still no joy.... took a test yesterday and BFN, i'm now 14 dpo and AF due in about 3/4 days...still hoping i'm one of those people who need to wait till i miss my AF for a BFP to show

  • Hi ladies.. I have been looking for a group to talk to about ttc. It seems like everyone is having a baby I can't! My husband and I have been ttc for 1 1/2 years :( currently I'm dpo12 and have gotten BFN!  But this time I feel symptoms! I've read that some people want to be pregnant so bad they trick their mind into having those symptoms.. 

  • Angelttc- that's what happened to me last month, started have sym then BFN, it's so depressing having to go through this every month, I have about 5 friends now that are pregnant lol

  • Hey ladies, 

    Thought I'd join this thread.

    I'm in my 2ww in 2nd month of ttc. My cycles are quite long, around 35 days. AF is due tomorrow but I'm constantly looking for symptoms. My bbs are quite heavy and tender and I've had a weird pain  the right hand side of my abdomen since Saturday! Also my temps are still sky high. Fingers crossed we caught on this month but if not, it's only he second month! 

  • I have a 35 day cycle too, so I'm praying AF doesn't come by Friday lol

  • Sab1212 I just went to a baby shower yesterday, and there was 2 other pregnant guest there! I also have a 35 day cycle!

  • I just noticed that this group is ttc baby number 1....sorry I'm trying for baby number 2....hope u all don't mind me being in here still lol

  • I don't mind.. now we have someone with experience to ask questions to.. if you don't mind lol how long did it take you to conceive your first child?

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