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Hi all. Heres my story. I got my BFP on Friday 12th of feb and started bleeding the next day and continued to the following tues. On sunday 14th I bleed heavily and passed clots. Note the fri was the date my AF was due. I tested the day AF was due.

I had bloods taken by GP on mon 15th and hcg was 118. Then again on Thursday 18th and count was 239. So hcg actually increased during/after bleeding. On Monday I also got my first positive on a digital test.

the following I tested and test was very faint. Got bloods again and they were 45 and then that Thursday were 19 and test was completely negative.

as bleeding occurred on the date AF was due I thought nxt AF would come 4 weeks later ie on 12th march. However as my hcg took almost 2 weeks to go down I was unsure.

going by old AF dates I am 6 days late today so tested. see test I obviously am not 6 days late as test is not strong. I am now not sure when AF would actually be due. I however think I can see something on my test.

what do you think?? 



  • Hi Emma

    Thought I already posted here but it's disappeared, sorry if I'm duplicating! 

    I had a similar experience end of Feb. Luckily it didn't affect my cycle, I ovulated CD13 counting day one of my mc bleed as CD1. I have been using opk tests and charting BBT, and both pointed to ovulating bang on usual timing.

    I have done lots of research on this though, and found that the general consensus was that mc threw cycle off by 1-2 weeks, which is why I was surprised to ov on time. You mentioned hcg being detected for 2 weeks after, so if I were you, I'd be thinking along the lines of things being 2 weeks behind?

    I'm afraid I can't see anything on the test, but you may only be a few DPO?

    Have you been testing/symptom spotting for ovulation?

  • Thanks tess for your reply and I'm sorry to hear you have been through this also. I used ovulation tests every month but didn't this month as we had a long wait to confirm what was going on. 

    I had ovulation like discharge about 1 week after hcg levels dropped so that might be it. 

    I also tested this afternoon and urine was very dilute (I was tested to start with thinking I was 6 days late)

    i too too have been researching alot on this topic and you get so many different stories it's prob best to wait and see what happens.

    this is now month 11 for us TTC number 1 so we are keen to start trying again and hopefully get our BFP again xx

  • It's so hard to not second guess everything, but ultimately everyone is different. 

    I'm sure, like me, you are hoping that if there is any good to come of the mc, it's that you are 'supposed' to be at your most fertile. Seen so many success stories of women conceiving soon after mc, because your body is all geared up for a pregnancy. 

    Lets hope there's something in that! 

    You're not out of the game until AF comes and shows her lovely face! Will you be testing again soon? Maybe with a FMU so it's more likely to pick up any hcg??

  • Yeah I will prob test Sunday or Monday with FMU. When are you due AF? Have u been TTC for long? X

  • AF not due until Tuesday 29th, I'm only 3DPO 😊

    Already have 1 DS who is 3.5, conceived with him on cycle 3, and am cycle 4 TTC this time round if I count my mc as cycle 3.

    How exciting, really hope it happens for you. Have you had any other positive signs?

  • I felt unwell last week but it has left me. I had no symptoms last month either image

    Aah he that's lovely that you have a DS. Fx it won't be long until he has a sibling to play with xx

  • I had minimal symptoms with DS until well after 12 weeks in! I still find myself symptom spotting now tho, wondering about every little twinge each month 😳 

    Are you usually very regular?? xx

  • Yeah between 27 and 29 days! This was my first pregnancy so don't know how my body will react to losing it x

  • You must be on the edge of your seat wanting to test again! I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on xx

  • Thank u. fx. I have read that u are more fertile after a mc and we both feel so relaxed even knowing that we can get pregnant. Before last month because we were trying for 10 month we didn't know we could conceive. I know we have a lot to do before we have our much wanted baby but we are def a step closer x

  • Hi Emma,

    Just wondering how you're getting on and if you retested yesterday or this morning?


  • Hi Tess

    yeah tested this morning and Negative. Just wish AF would come now so my cycles can back to some sort of normality. How are u doing? Any symptoms? x 

  • Sorry to hear that, can totally understand how you feel, at least if AF shows you know you are back to CD1. Having said that, you're still in with a chance while AF stays away, it's just all a bit agonising! Perhaps you are a good few weeks behind your usual cycle?! Have you noticed any other symptoms?

    The only thing I've noticed is very vivid dreaming the last 4 nights. That's really unusual for me... DS woke twice in the night yesterday, and I go straight back to dreaming when I return to bed, so I can literally remember 3 separate clear dreams from last night. I have heard that this is consistent with pregnancy, but perhaps my subconscious is making this happen because it's on my mind and have read up on that link! 

    Who knows, I'm still only 6 or 7DPO. 

    The 2ww is bad enough, so I do feel for you having it all drawn out, especially after what you went through last month xx

  • No other symptoms at all. I'm hoping the doctor was right she said AF would come 4 weeks after bleeding finished completely and I bleed the weekend up to Monday 29th feb. If that's the case AF is due next Monday and I would only be 7 dpo.

    fx for us both xx

  • Maybe we'll be POAS buddies next week then! Let's hope AF doesn't turn up before that xx

  • Hi Tess how you keeping? I've still no AF or BFP. I tested yesterday morning. I'm now 6 weeks since my MC. Soooo confused with my cycle now 

  • Hiya,

    I'm not too bad, could be setting myself up for a fall, but I am feeling quite hopeful this month. There's been a few signs, although only 10dpo, so won't test until at least 14dpo. You may be similar, and I wouldn't fancy my chances of seeing the BFP just yet, so don't give up hope! I'm sure not knowing exactly where you are makes it all the more agonising tho!

    On a separate note, have you read up or heard anything about taking baby aspirin daily after mc? I've been taking a low dose (75mg) since I started bleeding as my sister was recommended it after having recurrent mcs xxx

  • Fx for you. It's a great start thinking positive. No I haven't read anything about it. I must have a wee google now x

  • How's it all going Emma? As you know, I started with positive thinking after lots of promising signs, but unfortunately feeling quite down in the dumps today having had AF type cramping since yesterday afternoon 😞 Due today or tomorrow. May test tonight depending on how I feel. 

    Any signs of anything your side?? Still have FX for us both xx

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