Periods after cerazette pill

Hi guys I stopped my cerazette pill 23rd December 2015 after been on it for 7 months I had their implant in my arm for 3 years before that so never had a period for over 3 years 

I had what I think was a withdrawal bleed 15th January then had another 15th Feb both were light and defo not a proper period on 14th of this month I started my period again it was very heavy and defo like a normal period could this be my body back to normal now ? Or has anyone had this before with coming off cerazette 



  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. i stopped taking cerazette on 27th july 2016 and it is now 6th september 2016 and i havent had any bleeding at all. Its now 6 weeks and im unsure when i will get my period or if i am pregnant. I did a test last week which was negative. does anyone have any suggestions?

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