When should I get a withdrawal bleed after stopping my pill

Hi all! Me and my fiancé are trying too concieve. I stopped taking the progesterone only pill a week ago, and I haven't had a withdrawal bleed, spotting or anything! And everyone I've spoken too says their withdrawal bleed came 2/3 days after taking their last pill. So I wanted too know if this was normal or I could already be pregnant!


  • Did you finish your pack or  stop mid pack I finished my pack and didn't have a  withdrawel  bleed but started  on the date I would have expected if would have still been on the pill the month after I got my postive :) 

  • I read up online that you can stop mid pack when on a progesterone only pill, so I did. & normally I'm really heavy and if I forgot too take a pill mid pack I'd come on a couple of days later for about 2 days. That's why I so confused as too why I haven't had a bleed yet! But thank you, that's so helpful!

  • Good luck with ttc :) x

  • Thank you!& good luck with everything too you!x

  • Hi all, I stopped taking the mini pill with only two left this was 28 days ago and since then I have had nothing, no withdrawal bleed, nothing. Also Ive had a negative HCG today. 

  • I have the same problem, have you found out why this is? 

  • Louise when did you stop and was it a mini pill or normal pill you stopped. 

    With a mini pill you dont have a regular break when taking them like you do with the normal pill. 

    When I came off mini pill it was six weeks before I had a bleed of any kind and that was finishing a pack. 

    Can take weeks/months for our bodies to settle down

  • Hiya, 

    It was the mini pill, cerazette. I finished the pack too, 2 weeks ago today. 

    Can you get pregnant straightaway before having a bleed? 

    I have felt bloated, cramps, pain in my hips, but think its too early to test so havent done one. 

    Thanks 😊

  • You can but coming off the pill also gives many symptoms that mimic pregnancy sadly

    As you are unsure of your cycles I think they say you can test about 18 days after unprotected sex. 

    Up to you whether you want to take one a week until your period arrives/get a positive.

    Good luck 

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