Waiting to ovulate. Anyone want to wait with me 😊

Just that really. Cd22 and still waiting to ovulate, opks getting darker so hopefully in next couple of days. I'm ttc #2 and I'm being monitored hormone wise with my gp and have an appointment on Friday so hoping to O before then. 

So if there is any ladies out there waiting to ovulate then feel free to hop on this thread and share your journey x


  • I am also waiting to ovulate so im waiting with you! I have PCOS and just tried my first round of clomid. I'm supposed to ovulate 5 to 10 days after taking the last pill. I took my last one on 3/27 so any time now. I hope this works. 

  • Hi both hope you don't mind if I hope on I'm a little behind you as only just finished AF. Recently been told by the doctors I have an overactive thyroid so just waiting for more test. I have been ttc now since August with no Joy. 

    Babydust to you both xx

  • HI LizzyP2 hop on board! I have also been trying since August and nothing either. Wish I would've known back then I had PCOS. baby dust to you too! Soon enough we will be mommies :)

  • Hi ladies I'm jumping in! I'm trying again after having a mc in April at 10 weeks. Before that we ttc for almost a year. I'm really hoping it doesn't take so long this time around and that I end up having a healthy pregnancy. I've now started making my bf take folic acid everyday with me. Do you ladies know if this will actually help? 

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