8 months on trying to conceive

Hi everyone !

just come here for a chat really 

trying to conceive for months now started taking seven seas pre conception tablets about 2 weeks ago , did ovulation tests this month again and I ovulated between 29th and 1st I would say between these days the 2nd line was darkest, 

i have had the most itchiest left nipple tiny bit on my right one but mostly left coming and going , it doesn't really look any different so I put eczema cream on but it's not really dry , I suffer from anxiety so I have been flapping like mad the last few days Thinking it's something terrible My boyfriend says I'm silly but with anxiety I automatically think the worst like omg :-(

Tmi but I had sex from behind yesterday and afterwards I had terrible twinging pains in my stomach it made me cry and I couldn't hardly move.

i just don't know if it's a pregnancy sign or I'm just getting my hopes up ? I did a cheap test this morning don't know why it was obviously too soon but with my anxiety it made me feel better doing it haha

I sound like a crazy lady ! 

Needed to vent somewhere anyone else had this ?



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