Ovulation Test Strips - Part 5

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Ovulation Test Strips Part 4 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Tracy I take 1000mg from first day of AF to positive ovulation test. I've also taken 1500mg it's safe upto 2000 per day I believe:) do check though!!!

    when I took 1500mg per day I got loads of ewcm I also believe grapefruit juice helps!

    Bones I had no pain at all with first AF nor with with any of my mcs.

    It was bright red flow almost watery but quite heavy. Changed pad every 2 hrs. Lasted about 6-7 days heavy then 2 days random spotting dark brown. Usually my AF is only 4-5 days so was just longer and heavier. Pain is perfectly normal though for a lot of ladies:/ Hope it eases soon 😘

  • Thank you mma a will give that a try on next cycle :) xx

  • Is it okay to have one drink and dinner with the family they got margitas and I'm 7 dpo give or take a day on when I actually ovulated but positive opk on cd 13 so can I sorry if I bug

  • Hi all

    What a lovely post this is I've spent nearly my whole day reading the posts yesterday.. I was glued.

    would love to join in your journeys with you.

    I've been trying for 3 cycles now I had the marina coil before so think my cycles have been abit messed up first cycle was 35 days then 28 last 27 so hopefully starting to get back to normal which is good because I have read it can take some women months 

    I'm currently 2pdo xx

  • Morning ladies. I used Clear blue dual hormone indicator this cycle it showed solid smiley on 31st march- one week earlier than I was expecting. So i decided to continue testing. I got a solid smiley this morning as well. It says to hold the test on urine for 3secs but i held it there for longer. Is it possible to be getting false posivites bcoz its in urine for longer :-/ 

  • Don't think so Cen.

    we can gear up to ovulate, get an LH surge then not release an egg so your body will gear up again!

    Also pregnancy can give you a positive result too:)!!

  • Welcome Rainbowsunshine and of course you can join our journeys😀

    Good luck with this cycle hope you get a BFP keep yourself busy in the dreaded 2week wait!!!😬

  • Hi mma. I really hope its the pregnancy. this is my 2nd cycle after mc. 

    U ovulated not long ago as well so maybe we'll get our bfps in 2ww :) 🙏🏼🙏🏼🍀🍀

  • I'm 8 dpo But no symptoms and my cm seemed to change to eggwhiteat cm but cloudy. And the only think I have is werid twinges down there but cramping but a werid one after trying so long I'm not excited to test in a couple of days I hate the bfn. : ( and plus I don't have any specific symptoms so I'm out this month

  • OK so think I may be having the same problem as cen

    Just looked at my app and it was 4 days ago I got my strong second line as dark as control line which was cycle day 9 which is pretty early for me I tried first response ovulation tests this month and I've just carried on doing them so next day line was a lot lighter now seem to be getting darker again I'm on cycle day 13 

    Did I maybe not ovulate last time? image

  • Possibly Rainbowsunshine :) It does happen as sometimes our body gears up then doesn't release an egg then goes for it again!

    Im temping at the mo to check as if your temp rises about 2 days after positive ovulation test everything is doing what it should be!!! We need the progesterone to rise to support a pregnancy which is why our temp should also rise:)

  • Yeah I'm having to wear a tampon and a pad and still changing every hour :-/ I'm in agony with it. Wondering if it could be they left some behind after d&c but then I wouldn't have got a negative pregnancy test would i? X

  • Tryingbaby2 its way to early tk no if u are pregnant so enjoy your drinks and dinner until u find out just keep it in moderation. 

  • Welcome rainbow :)) xx

  • Bones your not ment to use tampons after miscarriage take it out and your bleeding should settle xx

  • Bones I had a miscarriage about four years ago it was terrible mine came away on its own my bleeding was very heavy then stopped then a few days later came back really heavy (was out shopping at the time 🙈) I went to the doctors and they gave me some tablets can't remember now what they was called but they worked if your concerned go see your doctor they can help 😀

  • I was told the initial bleeding I had after I couldn't and I had to endure pads 😷 but they said I wiuld be fine to use them with first AF.. :-/ It seems to have calmed down this morning. I was hoping that cause it's so heavy it would only last about 2/3 days! Ordered 50 OPKs so was excited to get back to using them! :-) xx

  • Welcome rainbow :)

  • Glad its calmed down bones when I have my af I bleed so bad I go threw 20tampons in a day so gynaecology are checking me out next week to make sure thiers no more polps ect and then see fertility specialist to get crackin on with baby making :))if I dont fall pg this time X

  • Me too! And aw Tracy! damn... I couldn't even deal with that!! Bless you! Well hopefully they figure out what's wrong cause that's definitely not something you should have to put up with :-/ xx

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