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hey ladies! I am aware that this can be seen however I was just wondering whether these look like early pregnancy veins?! I am naturally fair skinned but these buggers seem to just be BULDGING! I find they are way worse at night and I have all these little purple veins everywhere as well and my breasts are actually looking a touch bruised?! Any help would be greatly appreciated 😘



  • I am having the same problem...

  • Mine looked like this in the first few weeks of my pregnancy with my daughter, hurt like hell aswel xx

  • This is exactly what mine look like to. I thought maybe I had a chemical pregnancy but then I read online with any type of miscarage it’s red blood and a lot  I’m starting to think mine was implantation..cause mine was barely there, only when I wiped and it was pink and brown and then brown for two days later. My veins are around my sides leading to my hips and lower stomach now to. Super super confusing but I’ve had three days out of last month that me and my SO dtd. If I am I could be 3 or 4 weeks. was it a week or two into your pregnancy that you starting having the veins because that’s when I had mine and my boobs felt sooo darn heavy, sore and full for about a week or two and now they don’t hurt to bad But I’m still having the discharge from the nipples. 

  • Were you pregnant? Mine took exactly the same so, I am curious. 

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    Hi booberry91! my boobs are currently the exact same, I’m having terrible bloating also I’ve had both for a few days now and still have a week untill af is due! My boobs feel so full and heavy they are really painful! Just wondering if you have any of these? image

  • My boobs are currently like this I'm 10 days missed period but had negative tests 
  • @Hopingforthebest23 Did you turn out to be pregnant?
  • @Bethrose SAME! I’m about to be 11 days late! Please tell me any updates with you!? I’m too young and freaking out please answer back asap!!
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