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Advice please! 🙏🏻 implant bleed?


last month I thought I might be having an implant bleed but it wasn't to be. I found out from blood tests that I "didn't throw out an egg" last month. 

Mom monday day 21 I had brown blood in my underwear, not loads. I thought it was AF but it has stopped. I've had spotting before my period but never this early! My boobs have been sore which I don't normally get. 

Has anyone had this? And had a bfp? 

Please please please can anyone share their experiences.



  • Hi,

    I'm currently in the same boat as you! I was spotting on Saturday with cramps and thought AF had come early but it stopped later on! I'm due on either today or tomorrow and so far nothing yet I also have really sore boobs going to wait and see tomorrow then take a test image good luck! X

  • Hi Madie,

    It's so hard isn't it! The waiting! I don't want to get my hopes up but this bleed is different from other months. 

    I'm not due on until next Tuesday So the bleed was 8 days before my period. I just wonder if it is implant as I didn't ovulate last month, I don't get the results until next Wednesday from the blood test this month to see if I'm ovulating. 

    Are your breasts sore all day? mine start off ok then by then of day they are very sore. 

    I hope you get a bfp tomorrow! 🙏🏻🍀

  • Hi! I didn't come on when expected but I did a test and got a bfn and came on the day after booo image there's always next month I suppose! Good luck to you x

  • Oh sorry to hear that. I did a test Thursday got a positive then did one day negative then today was like this.... What do you think? image I hope you get a bfp next month!


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