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late or missed period

Good afternoon ladies!
For around a year or so now I have been keeping a close eye on my periods and ovulation as my partner and I are trying to conceive. My periods are pretty regular and my cycles last around 27 to 30 days at the most.
The time my period was due to make a arrival (April 7th-11th)  nothing was there, not even a slight sign of it being on its way! I'm now on day 34 of my cycle and decided to do a cheap test yesterday and this morning but both tests came back negative.
For just under a week i have been experiencing slight dizziness, dull cramping/twinging sensation in my lower abdomen (but not regular) headaches, my boobs are more tender.. especially the right one and generally more tired which is strange because i never get any PMS symptoms apart from a grumpy mood. Does anyone have any helpful advice as I'm feeling a little confused


  • Just hang in there.  vice it another week if you don't get your period or a positive test might be worth booking in at Doctors for a blood test 

  • Hi im kinda in the same boat lol i was suppose  to start april the 10th thur the 12th and nothing getting heartburn badly getting cramping the same way in lower abdomen and lower back off and on not like normal staying more tired and headaches  ive taken 2 test one when i was 3 days late and another about 5 days should i take another one tom r the nexted day the first two were negative  i had the same stuff with my first child but i had  nausea really bad with her this go around ive have a lil bit but not bad at all plz help me 

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