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Mixed results ???!

me and my husband been trying to conceive. Had Nausia for last 4 weeks . I'm 3weeks late. Yesterday I had a positive and we was over the moon! Then this morning I done a clear blue to see how many weeks ... Negative .... I have another week and half till I have results from gp. 

Has anyone else had multiple mixed results ? I know all my body is saying yes but the tests are unsure 


  • Different tests are different sensitivities when it comes to picking up the hormone.  Clear blue digital are one of the least sensitive, first response are one of the most sensitive.  

    That a strangely long amount of time to wait for blood test results to come back, it should only take a couple of days.  

  • I don't want to worry you but Mixed results can also be a sign of threatened early miscarriage.  Take it easy until you get back to the Doctors.  It Could also just be you have low hormone level or maybe if you ovulated late your in very very early days 

  • Thank you for your replies. The doctors got in touch my test was contaminated cause they used the wrong bottles so I have to wait but they said it will be next week. She said exactly what both of you said as options but won't say any thing with out the official results 

  • I can't believe she is making you wait!!

  • so inwentbgor eats yesterday night cause I couldn't relax and wasn't helping the situation ... They said that its my body thinks it's pregnant but the embryo hasn't stuck and isn't growing. So I get all the hormones but no results till my body resets. Back to the start for me . Thank you for your help 

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