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Ok ill give you a quick idea of my situation....I have 3 children (x2 boys x1 girl) Husband and I are trying for another.....I have had the Mirena in for the last three 3 years (birth control) I had it removed...two weeks later I got a full period....i ovulated on 27th march.......about a week after ovulation started getting heavy feelings..sore boobs etc. Monday night (11th April 2016) i got an instant positive test...(yay) ...Tuesday morning (12th) a very faint even fainter positive (almost barely there) then Thursday 14th and Friday 15th (today) both negative tests. I still have all the pregnancy symptoms....sore boobs, heavy feeling...cravings, tired etc and ive had no spotting or bleeding....period was due 14th (yesterday) so still no sign of period..went to doc she told me not to get bloods done until i got a strong now im i pregnant? am i not pregnant? its driving me crazy! image


  • Sounds Like it could have been a chemical pregnancy :( 

  • Thats what I was thinking, I did a fair bit of research and read over lots of forums and that seemed to be the most logical explanation.....BUT I am now four days late, no period and no spotting and now ive been getting horrible waves of sick feeling like im going to throw I am going to re test tomorrow morning and see what happens from there :)

  • If not get a app with your gp I know some people are more likely to get a postive result from a blood test instead of a preg test good fingers crossed for good news x

  • So test this morning came back as a faint positive, and still no period so I'm going to re test Thursday (72hrs later) and see if I get a strong positive. I've got all the paperwork for bloods but doc said to wait until I get a strong positive. I guess if I've gone from negative to positive my levels must be rising 

  • Ahh hope so :) 

  • ahhh not meant to be, started bleeding this afternoon 😞 Thanks for taking the time to respond  x

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