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stopping b/c and ttc

Hello, I'm new to this but I was curious on others thoughts of this. I am a very planned person and recently I came off my b/c after finishing my last pack of pills (I've been on it for 11years). My significant other and i are ttc but i wanted to ovulate at least 2 times prior to this. I had my period like I normally would March 11th - 15th. If my cycle didn't change, I was to have my period April 8th - 11th but instead I had cramping or "phantom pains" from the 8th to currently today, April 17th. I've read so many forums but no where says how long the cramping will last for. I have experienced a lot of symptoms from coming off the pill so far that are similar to pregnancy but I'm waiting a bit longer since my body might just be trying to  regulate. How long could the cramping last?

Thank you!


  • I only had problems my first cycle off the pill them was ok 

  • I am on my second cycle now. The first one lasted 50 days and i had cramping on and off for the entire time (along with other symptoms).

    On CD 21 of my second cycle and I did have a few days of very mild cramping last week, but the weird symptoms seem to be gone for the most part. 

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