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Looking for advice. My last period was March second. I've slept with my partner on most days. I took a HPT TWO days after missed period faint positive almost straight away. A week later I took another faint positive. Had little cramps. Tiredness. And really cranky and very hungry all the time. Little bloated. Boobs started to hurt not Friday gone one before but just nipples. That's usually a sign of a period so I went to the clinic Monday morning and got a negative test from the nurse. A week later my nipples were back to normal and aren't hurting now. Although they have little white spots but on my actual nipple not the outside. Took a test lasnight and very faint positive. Period is no 18 days late and Still no sign of period I'm so confused can anyone give me any advice. I've applied a picture of the tests to see if anyone else can see the lines 😊image


  • I can see thin lines but can't see their colour, has the test got some damage to it?.  I think you should ask your Doctor for a blood test.

  • Not that I know of. I spoke to the clinic last Monday and she told me it was negative. Took another test today since my period still hasn't showed. Its a different type of test still two lines. It looks like another faint positive

  • image

    My mam is pregnant. Her test is the top one where you can see two clear lines she's 11 weeks now. My test is the one underneath. Me and my mam are both absolutely sure we can see two lines on it 

  • I can see lines on both.  But the bottom one the pink colour seems to be missing from the lines.  

    doctors just seem to want to see bold lines not faint ones

  • I've put them into negative format.  Definitely lines! 



  • imagethe photo dosent really do it much justice to be fair. My periods 19 days late now. I had a miscarriage a few month ago at 7 weeks so I was gonna wait til a week Wednesday take another test and if positive even if faint I was gonna contact a midwife or my doctor to see where to go next. I just didn't wanna bother them if it was nothing I wasn't sure whether I was seeing things or not 

  • It looks positive to me.  If it were mine I would be sure it's a positive but I also struggle to get my hoa up with these tests and think ile have to actually see the words pregnant before I truly believe it.  I Doctor also dismissed my faint positives too.   Anyway by the time I got to an appointment I think I had already had a chemical pregnancy, blood test showed negative.  

  • Yeah I dont wanna read to much into it on case its a mistake somehow. I thought surely they'd be stronger by now but my mams 11 weeks pregnant so would be 5 weeks infront of me and looking at these tests together in person mine only looks slightly lighter to hers. Think I'll give it a week then try a doctor. Thank you for your help 

  • I would ask for a blood test to check for hormone levels...

  • Can I just make an appointment and ask for my bloods took ? 

  • You can usually self refer to your EPU at the hospital who can do blood tests, examinations & scans up until you are 24wks into term...

  • Oh can I ? Blood test seems a lot better 

  • Blood tests are more sensitive and usually more accurate.  

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