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Implantation bleeding?

Hi I'm new here but for the past 5 days I have been experiencing light bleeding, 3days before my period was due and 2days after period due the 1st day it was a mucus brown and the other 4days a dark brown colour on my undies but a pinkish peach colour when I'm having sex with my partner, I'm concerned because I have never experienced this ever, please share advice


  • I'm also in the same boat I ovulated 6/7 days ago today has very light cramping slight pulling on one side and I went for a wee whipped light pink but it it was gone in a few hours and I'm so tired today i just hate waiting 😓

  • same here...been spotting 2nd day now, light pink mixed with CM. will have to wait it out, see if it develops into AF...

  • Mine never developed into anything, I went to see my doctor because I'm not sure when I'm due on this being my first cycle after having a miscarriag, she said it is possible it's implantation bleed she took swabs to make sure it's not an infection but she said it's too early to show up on a test. She wanted to see me next week but I'm on holiday so I'm going the week after and she's going to do a pregnancy test with me. So im not out of luck just yet 😁😁😁

    any up date girlies?

  • I'm still bleeding lightly but it's red now, took a test this morning, still negative, I'm 4days late now, have doctors appointment in a few days, hopefully I get referred to a gynaecologist because the doctors are never 100% sure but think I don't need to see one but I really need to see one

  • AF came early, but very light...saw my gp, he says i need to bring down my weight, my AF is irregular and my hormones are imbalanced. So im changing my lifestyle....dont want to use the D word lol.

    I am not put out tho, just means more bd'ing ;)

  • sounds good it's good exercise 😋 

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