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Strange AF, brown/pink blood? Help?

Hi all, 

My AF was due on 20/4 but I was late, didn't take an HPT because I was having severe cramps so i assumed that AF was on it's way, but then the cramps subsided and then I woke up to pink blood yesterday (23/4) so I assumed AF was here and put a pad in. However, it stayed a pink colour and was lighter than my period usually is. Last night there was barely anything at all on the pad, and woke up this morning and the blood has turned brown and now i am just having brown blood and today is day 2, i usually dont have brown blood till the very last day of my period which is usually day 5/6 and my AF is usually heavy day 1 and 2 and 3, and then eases off. 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Or any advice? 


  • Hi tulip, 

    i experienced this on the 15/04 my period is always regular and very heavy and lasts 4 days. It came two days early lasted two days and was very very light (not like a period) ive since had what i think are pregnancy symptoms but getting negative tests ;( ive posted in here this morning for advice. 

  • I had positive first response tests followed by negatives then a couple of weeks later I had A mixture of brown (not like blood, it was either quite dry or mucusy) & pink with the odd splash of red (TIny bits not my usual big red clots)  Some times only when I wiped, other times it would be on my sanitary towel but not much it was very light.  Lasted 7 days then disappeared.  

    My periods are usually very heavy and painful, I've not had any pain.  

    StI'll been getting lines on my ovulation tests not supper peak but there when usually after af they disappear for a week or two.  Negative tests still.  

    I feel like a couple be pregnant at times but I know thats silly as I'm having negative tests.  

    Maybe had a chemical pregnancy but I expected there to be a lot more blood and pain.  

    I have pcos, my hormones are imbalanced so GPs don't really seem to want to do anything with me at the moment.  I have my first appointment with a Gynecologist next month after being referred by GP.  

    Back in October I had positive tests followed by negatives ( by the time I got to see Doctor blood tests were also negative but my hormones were imbalanced including prolactin, (at a later test prolactin reverted to normal levels)

  • THink im going to do a HPT tomororw and see what that says as this AF is very odd - hope you two get your BFP soon!! female bodies are so confusing

  • They really are. I have symptoms too but symptoms are no where near definitive 

  • I had crazy symptoms this month - my boobs were extremely sore and veiny and thats never happened to me before usually never get sore boobs before AF so I thought for sure I was, and I had crazy cramps but AF didnt arrive for 3 days later and usually I get them right before I come on - my body was definetly tricking me as I have come on properly again now. So will have to hope for this cycle giving me a BFP.xx

  • I've had very visible veins particularly in my hips, arms and top of my chest by shoulders I usually get these though.  Tender breasts and sore nipples for weeks.  Headaches.  bloating.  tmi but lots of gas.  Constipation.  Cm has continued to be present.  No cramps but more of a fluttery type feel, a couple of days of dull aches and achy hips a few weeks ago.  

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