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Is it worth taking a pregnancy test?

Me and my partner have been trying to conceive... i last had a period on the 17th of April. I was due to start my af on Monday the 18th... 

ever since 13 every af I've had ive been crippled with pain, taking mefenamic acid, cocodamol etc, the pain has made me sick and faint...anyway!

The week before af was due i had a metalic taste on and off! And I thought 'maybe!' So I tested the Monday I was due af! Negative... On the Tuesday I started 'brown spotting' and it continued till last night. No pain, no cramp just spotting! 

now after a week of 'spotting' after my af was due is it worth taking another pregnancy test? or do you think I'm just getting my hopes up?? 


  • I've had pretty much the same.  It's best to leave taking a test until a week after you've stopped spotting to give your body chance to produce enough hcg, hopefully your spotting was implantation bleeding 

  • Most GPs advise to wait until 2wks past AF due date for a more clear result. Easier said than done though 😉

  • Sparkle fairy have you been checked for Endometriosis?

  • I've been to the doctors many times about Endo... My mother had it and my grandmother, although not proved to be hereditary i have been concerned for a while. No one seems to take me seriously when I voice my concerns, I just get given strong painkillers tramadol being one of the many. 

  • It is so easily said than done when you're desperate for something! 

  • My cousin had it and I remember her being crippled in pain.  

    I have pcos it's so hard to get Doctors to take notice but dont give up!! Research it & demand second opinions.  

  • a lot of symptoms of it! Will definitely have to get a second opinion now. Thank you x

  • No problem, good luck 

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