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I got diagnosed with pcos a month ago and got told I wouldn't be able to conceive. I haven't had a period for a year but found a spotting tonight. I have really bad stomach pains, cramp in my legs as well as them feeling weak, headaches, feel dizzy, sore boobs and lack of sleep. Is there a possibility it could be pregnancy? 


  • Bad stomach pains doesn't sound consistent with a sucessgul pregnancy.  Try taking a first response pregnancy test, they are most sensitive.  

    Have you had any treatment to try and help you conceive? What made them say you wouldn't be able too? 

  • Thank you I will do and no not really my consultant that I saw said that there is no treatment unless I look into ivf but they said it's best leaving that for a few years yet. I dont know why I can't conceive the consultant just said I won't be able to have children without ivf. I looked into and found out the chances of a pregnancy naturally are still there just really slim

  • Do you have bad cysts? 

    Yes I thought it was very rare it's a complete Nono.  

    they can use drugs such as provera to start periods, and Clomid to help ovulation and there are others.  

    Some ladies try natural herbal remedies such as vitex angus cactus to help and insitol.  

  • I don't know how bad my cysts are to be honest, al I know is that they're around my left ovary.  They said it's a weird case because it's only one ovary that has the cysts instead of both 

  • That's also good then if you have one good ovary.  It doesnt sound like your fertility is a complete write off, you just need to catch the right egg.  

  • Some Doctors also prescribe Metformin the diabeties drug to help with pcos and conception.  Its well worth doing some research, also diet aswell - low Gi (low carbs and low dairy, organic) 

  • Thank you so muh, do you have any recommendations alongside of how long to wait before taking a test amd which one is best to take?

  • First response are usually the best tests they are pink dye and early detection.  

    usually it's best to wait until missed period but as you don't have them.... If your experiencing symptoms then a test may show positive.  Otherwise leave it until about a week after spotting has stopped 

  • Okay thank you for your help!:)

  • Good luck 

  • I was told at the age of 16 (I'm now 39) that the cysts were so bad I would never have children.  I have a 6 month girl now. Was not expecting her didn't even know until I was 6.5 month gone, my doctor and I just thought I was ill till it was suggested,  to rule it out, I do a pregnancy test. 

    Things happen,  do a test only way to be sure, but who knows what's possible in this life ans body of ours.

  • Well I'm 16 now and I was just concerned as of all the pains and stuff because it's getting worse as I now have back paina as well as feel exhausted but having trouble sleeping 

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