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Help... Is this a BFP?


Hi Ladies,  I'm currently 14 DPO and 3 days late. I've just done a test and there seems to be a very faint line. Just wondered what you all thought. Is it dark enough to mean what I think it means??  I'm so excited but don't want to get my hopes up just in case. 


  • I would say it was Looks like my one on this kind of test get a first response should get clearer result good luck and congrats 

  • Thanks for the comment Sj83.  I tried to pick one up after work but the shop didn't sell that brand. Will try and pick one up tomorrow. Just want a definite answer yes or no but you've given me hope image

  • imageimage

    these were mine im 12 weeks now taking same day couple hours apart X 

  • How exciting! Congratulations to you!! You must be excited. Will this be your first?

  • I went out and got a First Response and...

    I'm pregnant!!! So happy right now :-) Thanks for the tip

  • Big congrats good luck hope you have a healthy pregnancy xx

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