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Ok so March 15th I had my usual 5 day period. ALWAYS REGULAR! On the 8th April I had a pink stain, next day I bled lightly for about an hour then went brown. Next day the bleed came back again with we tiny clots through it and some cramps, then bleed stopped the next morning & that was it.. i rang doc who said the bleed could be stress related or and early miscarriage!! I was gutted! Tho since then I've been bloated, my boobs hurt, I'm turned of food and am having some wee twinges. My lower tummy is firm and I always feel full. This will be baby num 2 if positive but if so I am feeling completely different to baby 1. I don't no how many weeks I'd be if I am because of that bleed!! Also multiple births through both family's including my dad being a twin! Anyways I took this test this morning and this is what I've got! What you think? Any advise on the bleed! Thank you!!😀image


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