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Ttc first time in search for some other ladies to share there advice with !

Hi ladies 

I am really new here but me and the hubby are ttc our first have been off the pill since oct and trying every since but no hope at the moment! 

hoping to find some advice/tips ladies to talk to trying to keep it all Secret  and I am driving myself insane with it all!! ( and my hubby)! Not be able to have a good chat about things!! 



  • Are tracking with anything? OPK's or temping? 

    Are you on any vitamins? 

  • Hi Beth 

    yes i am tracking with opk's and just started tracking with temping ! I seem to be taking all the vitamins under the sun 

    b6, foatic, evening primrose , iron and vitamin c and well as raspberry leaf tea which I have hear helps! And just brought some Royal jelly? How about you? 

  • Nope just baby dancing and taking folic acid. Only recently started trying for no 2

    With my first all we did was baby dance and relaxed... Worked a treat we concieved pretty fast. 

    It's annoying waiting isn't it!!! 

    I hope you get your BFP soon. 

  • Hi Beth! 

    I am struggling with the relax part which I no isn't going to help! (I have long cycles 44 day)

    so the waiting is killing me!! 

    we go away soon so hopefully that will help! 

    thank you I hope you do too keep me posted ! :) 

  • Oh gosh that is a long cycle to wait around for. I think I'd be going bonkers. 

    Yeah the RnR might be just what you need. 

    I hear preseed is good, not entirely sure what it is or what it does. I think it's a lube? 

    Or I think acupuncture has good reviews again not sure how or why it works. 

    I'm not being very helpful here haha sorry. 

    Good luck to you 😀

  • I no its a nightmare I am it will regulate sooner rather then later as it's just as of coming off the pill! Saying that I am having ovulation pains today which I seem to be getting couple of days before i ovulate and I am on cd11!! 

    so who knows! Yes I have heard of preseed have got some to use this time round have heard really good this so fingers crossed? Worth a try I thought but a bit pricey! 

    O really havnt hear of that helping before I will have to look in to that thank you! 

    Mare you near your ovulation ? How are you tracking it at all this time? 

  • I conceived in November the only month I didn't track it and didn't stress over it! I lost my baby at 21 weeks and me and my partner are back on the horse with trying this is my first cycle but I'm watching every sign going!! I'm just taking the boots own contraception vitamins 

  • Hi wantingapostive 

    I am so sorry to hear that :( I can't imagine what that is like. I no what you mean with looking ar every sign going I am too! Been trying for a few months now and not much luck but keeping my fingers crossed! I have just brought some pre pregnancy victims so hoping to give them a try soon! are you temping at all? i can't get my head round it X 

  • I just use an app, and I know when I ovulate roughly I get ewcm, I've had what my doctor thinks is implantation bleeding on Saturday  but I think I'm due on Monday I'm too scared to test 😫 I don't want to get my hope up xx 

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