Unsure on pregnancy test! Very faint!


I have taken a pregnancy test today and i have a very faint line and I'm not sure if that means positive or not! I am feeling really uneasy, mines was tesco own cause I don't want to spend like £10 to figure out I'm not pregnant but either way it was highly recommended but I'm just not sure, hope somebody can help me!



  • I can see a faint positive.


    If you feel un sure, do another tomorrow morning with a pink dye. 

  • Girl678 what happened? As the exact same thing happened to me last night with the same test you used too, I'm just curious if it turned out that you was pregnant or not?? X

  • image

    Same happened  me but mine was even fainter 

  • Oh my god Lewis290529 I have taken 3 now, and the second two I took look exactly like yours, really unsure what to do x

  • Try first response to rule out evap. 

  • imageSo have I... And the clear blue one isn't even that strong I had to edit the picture so I could see because I wasn't sure if there was or not ??? 

  • imageI'm having the same problem!! But yours def has a line to it congrats!

  • I'm going to phone the doctor today and request a blood test as I did another last night, this time with the pink dye, and it was just as faint as the others but as it was pink it was easier to see, I didn't think about taking it apart, that's a really good idea xx

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    Mine are unclear as well :/ my pink dye one 

  • Lewis, Carter and Yes, it all looks positive. It's still early days, i would say test again with early morning urine in a few days, the line should be darker. Digital is not sensitive during early days so if gives false negative. Try first response with early morning urine in a few days, the line should be more obvious then.

    Good luck ladies

  • Thank u :) mine was the first urine :) my first reponce test :) Yahoo 

  • someone help Iv done 2 test and the both come black with A faint line but I don't one today a it just one line what can this be Iv been feeling sick and it feels like Iv got butterflies in my stomach and my left side of my stomach keeps getting a wired feeling? imageimage

  • There ovulation tests they always have a faint line in them have you taken a pregnancy test hgc? 

  • Sammie, the 1st pic, I'm pretty sure that's ovulation test as LH is the hormone that surges during ovulation

    As for the 2nd test, the camera is too far can't really see if there's a second line 

  • I used morning urine too, I'll be taking another one 😀😀 I'll keep you updated!! But carter yours looks darker than mine and looks possative 

  • Thank u :) and i took another this after noon and it was negative :/ with a very faint line :/ good luck I hope it's positive for u :) I have been trying for 3 years :/ and have had 5 miscarriages unfortunately so was really hoping finally a positive but goodluck keep us posted :) 

  • Well they do say use morning urine and aww I'm sorry for you, I had a miscarriage in December and been trying, I took another test this morning and it showed BFN 😞 AF is due tomorrow so I'm just hoping, I've got my fingers crossed for you 

  • see I know the test looked like a bfn but ... image

  • Well I took a digital first responce this morning and it was a no with a - sign so I guess :( I'm not expecting and I wish u luck aswell keep us posted :) 

  • same here, what do you guys think....image

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