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Is this a BFP? Help

Opinions please ladies. Not due af till Sunday. This is only a poundland cheapie. Is it a BFP?



  • I can see a very faint line, not sure if it's clear enough to be certain. Maybe try again over the weekend. X

  • I can see a line too, but very faint. Maybe try again in a few days with FMU x

  • Took a clear blue just aswell and come out with this. 


    Going to wait till Sunday to retest. Easier said than done though. 

  • Here's my test this morning, we're in the same boat....Difference is that I'm 12 days late, not 12 dpo.  Lighting sucks, but it was 5am and I hadn't had my coffee yet.  Husband says he saw it, and the test was read within 10 minutes of executing.


  • The first test was taken with first morning but the clear blue I did was afternoon. From my other pregnancies I haven't been able to tell so soon so I'm not 100%  going to wait rill I'm late before I retest. I can see a faint line on yours too. It's horrible not knowing. 

  • Yours looks better than mine!  :)  

    Well I made an appt with the doc for next Thursday.  Either AF will show up by then or not, and if not we'll have to figure out why.  I'm 35 and have a 14 month old, doc's said if we were going to have another to better start trying sooner rather than later.  FX!

  • I was going to ttc next month because we went on holiday. If I am I must of caught on holiday. I'll make an appointment with doc when I get a really good positive on a normal test then ill take a clear blue conception test. I have 2 children 7 and 4 and tests with them have just been positive. No faint lines. It's annoying cus I just want to know. 

  • Applebee any luck from a test? I caved this morning and got this:


    Still faint tho. Hope all is well

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