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Trying to conceive after implant!!


I'm new to this and just hoping for some advice Please!! 

Me and my partner are TTC baby number 1. I had my implant removed on the 8th of January and have been actively trying Since! I went straight back to normal cycles after the removal! I then had a 1 day very light period at the end of March normally my periods are 3-5 days! 

I am sure I ovulated on the 15th of April (I got the egg white sorry TMI) so made sure we had sex for the next few days. I was due to come on my period on the 20.04.2016 so currently on day 36, 37 tomorrow and I know because I ovulated late my period can be late but i am on day 14 after ovulation tomorrow. I've had tummy cramps (not like period pain though) am really un sure what is going on as I done a pregnancy test 3/4 days a go (10 days after ovulation) which was negative :( 

advise please anything? 

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