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Could I be pregnant?

hello ladies, first of...I'm not actually TTC I just thought this would be the best place to get some answers...

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on 27th May and he pulled out (I know the risks and I could still get pregnant hence why I'm here).

My periods don't come on the same day every month but it's towards the beginning of the month usually, however...this month it's now the 29th of April and still hasn't made an appearance.

I tested with a boots own test on Monday, which was exactly 4 weeks since I had unprotected showed negative. 5 days later brings me to this morning, still no period so I tested again but this time there was a strong vertical line in the control box but a faint horizontal line the test box (it's suppose to be vertical!!) it was pink and you could definitly see it, but after about 6 mins it vanished?!

along with this I've been waking up feeling sick, but it doesn't last long, painful cramps For the last 2 weeks but no period. There's been times where I think I've started my period but it was just a lot of discharge...sorry TMI but I wanted I give as much detail was possible in the hope for some accurate advice

Any idea?! Thanks


  • Hi ksc1602,

    When did your last period start? The average cycle is 4wks which would mean that you would have been due your period around 4wks after that date. If you are saying that it is usually the start of the month & you have not bled at all during April then you should be almost 2mths pregnant which should show up on a test...if any doubts you can ask your doctor to check hormones levels in your blood. 

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