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Faint positive, evap, help?

imageimage  I had the coil out on 6th April. On the 15th I had a couple of days bleeding what I thought was a period. Since then I've been gaining symptoms, sickness, tiredness, sore boobs ect. 

I have no idea at all when a period is due. So can you see a line on these tests? They came up within 5 min buy very very faint. 

What do you think? 


  • I can see a line!!! Hope all goes well! :) x

  • Thanks hun. I did a clear blue today which came up as "not pregnant" so I'm a little confused xx

  • When I did my first test I wasn't even late for my period, I just had a dream so decided to take a test. I was due on 24th and took a test that day and it came up with the faintest line just like yours! Either way maybe buy a few of the cheap tests and do them every morning & evening for the next few days and see if the line gets darker xxx

  • image this was yesterday. Faintest line ever. So going to do another clear blue in the morning tomorrow and see what happens!

  • my pregnancy test did the same thing I had a very faint line could hardly see it tur out I was pregnant my boy is 2yrs old now good luck 

  • Your tests look positive to me hun. Bear in mind that clear blue aren't very sensitive and require more hcg than other tests, especially digital tests. Is your second photo a first response? Xx

  • Yes hun. 1st 2 are super drug, 3rd is first response. Done another clear blue thus morning and it still says not pregnant :-(

  • I'd get another first response test as you don't know when your period is due it could be that it is too early for clear blue to detect xx

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