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Any help please, as I can't get to doctor :/

Hey ladies, PLEASE READ AND HELP if you can! I'm getting a bit desperate here. So I'll start from the beginning. Me and my boyfriend recently decided to try. And before that we had sex on 11th April. I'm on the pill (I wanted to finish this last strip), and I might have missed a pill around that time we had sex. Anyway, since Im on the pill af always comes on 4th day on my pill free week. Which is this week. That means I should get my period only today!! (30th) But on Monday, 25th, (still on pill) I started spotting very lightly,  that continued til Wednesday, 27th, (finished the pill on tuesday), spotting seen only when I wiped. Then Thursday the spotting got a bit darker and a tiny bit of mucus came out as well. Yesterday I started lightly bleeding, but only needed a panty liner, at night it got a bit heavier, so started using a pad. Today again, on my actual af start day im still bleeding, but it's heavier than yesterday. So im not sure what is going on? Could this be implantation bleeding? I can't get to the doctor as it's a weekend and obviously not an emergency, well, for me it is cause Im gonna lose my mind as to what is going on. This has never happened! I have never spotted while on the pill, ever. I have had the occasions when I've missed the pill, but still nothing like this has happened. I'm desperate here, obviously can't take a pt as I'm bleeding. I have also been feeling a bit nauseous over the past few days, especially on the day I started spotting - i felt extremely nauseous! has anyone had anything like this?? Please, any help I will appreciate as I just don't know what to do anymore. 


  • I wouldn't panic just yet. I once missed a pill and it caused spotting later in my cycle which freaked me out big time! And my period was then late with the worry! I've not had implantation bleeding before so can only go by what I've read but I think it's usually more pink than bright red? 

    I guess the only way to know for sure is to do a test. I think it will still work if you're bleeding. Good luck! 

  • the spotting was light pinkish for 3 days, and only now turned into bleeding.  I can't test yet - cause if it's implantation bleeding, you can only test few days after the bleeding has stopped. I guess I'll just see for how long I continue bleeding, and do the test as soon as I can. It's just driving me crazy this waiting and the confusion, it has made me so emotional that I'm using my boyfriend as a punching bag. Poor him. 

  • Spotting and bleeding inbetween your pill is quite common especially if you've missed some. I wouldn't worry yourself just yet. 

    The only way to know is wait and test. HTH 😊

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