How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return, Part 6

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return, Part 5 thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

Wishing you all BFP's soon and so much baby dust! Let the new thread begin!



  • Oh wow congrats scampie!! Another bfp squashed into that last epic thread. I'm holding out for this one being even luckier tho :) 

  • A new thread :) I'm with dinky, the last thread was just a warm up!! 

    Congratulations scampie :) 

    fx for you tonight Ely x

    sio wait until a quieter moment to tell your boss..but make sure you do, as hard as it may be. You'll feel a weight off your shoulders. Rustics right, you won't have the little one til next year, and he said nothing about that :) 

  • Yippee a new thread. Come on sio let's use the new thread Magic!

    scampie what wonderful news! Congratulations!

    well I've just got back from first appointmnent at fertility clinic - so nervous before like it was an exam we were being tested on. haha. Was great though - everyone so lovely. She was happy with most of my results  - thyroid was a little out so theyve retested today and I'll be joining you on the thyroxine Sio if no better next time. She was happy with fsh levels though - said they boded well. Had thyroid, ash and chlamydia tests done today and got to go in on next cd2 for the vaginal ultrasound ( not looking forward to that one!) - got another appointment in six weeks to get all test results and if all ok discuss treatment - ivf or icsi. dh was chuffed too as he had really high sperm count and motility v good. Their shape was not as good but she said the count was so high she wasn't too worried! She made us laugh though as she was explaining wrong shape meant some double headed etc and I said that's why we're not pregnant yet - my eggs take one look at your freaky double headed sperm and say no thanks ugly. Lol. Anyway a positive start overall. Will see what happens next. who knows with the new thread we may not need the next appointment! Fx!

  • Oops AMH not ash! Damn autocorrect!

  • That all sounds very positive looby :)

  • Double headed sperm, I am sitting at my desk laughing my head off at that. Really glad the apt went well though Looby, its nice to know all is ok. apparently doc was telling me that its really only coming to light recently after a few years of research about how much thyroid and infertility are linked so hopefully with us all sorted on that front the bfp happen. wouldn't it be great if we don't need to have treatment done.

    I'm trying to work out ovulation dates. because my af was late last month according to my app I should ov on Saturday, fertile week started yesterday, but if af had of been on time I would have ov yesterday. now today my stomach is quite sore, like mad pulling sensation and pain in left side and I had a lot of ewcm this morning so I'm wondering is it happening now. dtd yesterday and think I might have another go tonight if I can persuade oh without telling him why. and then at the weekend again to try and cover all bases and kick this IUI out the window and say no thanks don't need you. Me and my 35 year old hormones are fine thanks lol

  • and come on new thread bfps...

  • Glad the appointment went well looby :) sounds like a better experience than sio's horrible doctor! Sio I hope u went back and flaunted ur 35yo hormone results in their face for how many times they referred to ur age at that initial appt!! Maybe get a cheap pack of ovulation tests? They r 5 for £1 in pound land n then u could know if ov was close Sio? Or do u just not fancy using them? Is hubby not away this week? 

  • I'll admit I gave an old fist pump when he said the hormones were that of a 35 year old hahaha. I did want to jump up and say in your face doc... I've never done ovulation sticks before for the reason I didn't want to be stressing myself out with them. I might pick some up on the way home. is it ok to use them at night?

  • no oh is home this week woo hoo. though he will be heading back to Finland at the end of June so need a bfp before then...

  • Yeh that was a worry I had too tbf but I didn't feel too bad using them? I think one time my positive was a bit late and I did freak out a little bit though. Yeh the strip ones I used worked better at night. I got my positives on evenings. It's just the clearblue that recommend fmu because they test for 2 hormones where as the cheap opks just check for LH which peaks at 2pm I think? But uve covered ur bases with bd anyway so it either way it doesn't matter. Might just be peace of mind u know uve caught it. 

  • Congratulations scampie.

    wow looby, all moving along quickly now. I too am laughing at your ugly sperm joke lol. 

    Beu and Dinky, hope the spotting has stopped now. 

    Hope everyone else ok. Xxx

  • Congratulations scampie :-) fantastic news! 

    I'm glad your appointment was positive0looby :-)! 

    Go for it sio, oh won't know what's hit him haha, good luck. Next bfp is yours ;-) x

  • Hehe what a funny thread to catch up on :) double headed sperm...they wouldn't have known if they were coming or going! 

    Sio just say youre in the mood tonight..I really don't think chaps take much notice to detail, theyre just chuffed to have sex ;) good idea with the ov sticks. You'll only stress yourself out anyway wondering when you'll ov...

  • imageIn the name of education (and entertainment!) here are all the shapes sperm come in. Who knew?! And I swear the 3rd from the right is called a pisshead!

  • Third from the LEFT I meant. Never get my rights and lefts the right way round!

    sio interesting re the thyroid I never knew that. Will see what my next test shows. Hope you catch it ok. Ov just likes to keep us on our toes doesn't it? Great your oh is around tho. 

  • Thanks everyone :)

  • Scampie congratulations!!!

    Ely hope it went well tonight and enjoy telling work tomorrow if you do. so funny that you are just back from mat leave!

    Looby your appt sounded really helpful and I am giggling about the sperm shapes!!!

    Sio if you have been having ov feelings today an opk tonight might not pick it up as it tends to be positive a day before. I found as soon as I had ov pain the opk would go back to negative (and I was doing them twice a day).

    Rang the hospital for my test results from last week, having taken antibiotics for 5 days for a suspected uti, and it all came back clear. So turns out the hospital specimen bottles were contaminated and gave a false reading.

  • Hey guys new to all this so please bare with me. I stopped taking my contraceptive pill to give my body a break on the 12th April and went on to have a withdrawel bleed from the 13th April until the 18th April. I then had unprotected sex with my partner the 23rd April and the 1st May. I'm not sure when to test or even when to expect my period or when I ovulated (if i did). Any pointers ladies? Xx

  • Oh looby, that sperm picture has got me giggling. Can you imagine being told yoyve got big headed sperm?!image And as for two headed - I've got an image of them fighting over which direction to go in and getting lost now...

    Rustic, oh dear! At least no uti though x

    Hi sophsandava, I'm afraid everyone is different-you might not have ovulated yet, or you could be back to a normal cycle quite quickly. Saying that, everyone ovulated at different points, and the only fixed part of your cycle us the luteal phase after ovulation. I'm usually around cd17, but it can be earlier, but I know my lp is 10 days, if that makes sense. If you know roughly how long your cycles were before the pill that might give you an idea, but all you can do really is wait a couple of weeks and test if no period. a lot of people find the first cycle after stopping the pill and withdrawal bleed is much longer though. Hope that helps a little 

    Sio, sounds to me like you might be in with a good chance this month x

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