Superdrug early detection test with faint lines??

Hello dolls : ) 

I'm a newbie to this site an was hoping you lovely ladies would be able to help me on this.. 

I took a Superdrug early detection test last night an again this morning, for what I can see both have come Up with faint pink positives (within the 3min time frame) all tho the one last night did come Up a tad quicker an ever soooo slightly darker conpared to the one I took this morning strangely enough.. 

Do these look like positives or evap lines?? 

I am due my period some time this week an have been feeling a few symptoms- Headache, heavy/tender boobs/nipples, hot flushes plus period like cramps. 

Hope someone may be able to tell if their test looked like this?? Or share their experience when using this brand.. 

(Here is my piccy.. Top was last nights test an bottom is this morning very early after being Up all night peeing LoL) 

Many thanks :* x x 




  • They look positive from what I see. Congratulations 

  • Hello KazzieM, 

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me!! : )

    Oh I'm really hoping so.. I'm just frightened of chemical pregnancy or symptoms just being period related as appose to pregnancy as quite often then can be very alike!! 

    I have a 9 year old Son I've been a long time away from the baby scene LoL.. 

    Think I will test again in a few days an hopefully will get a stronger/darker line *fingers crossed* 

    Forgot to say... Baby dust everyone's way who ttc <3 

    x x x 

  • Hey Mummy2roo,

    Can I ask when you tested? I don't know when to test as I don't know when i ovulated (if i even did as first month off contraceptive pill) 

    I don't know when to test!

  • Hey Sophsandava, : ) 

    I tested yesterday evening around 6pm (when I got my strongest line) an tested again this morning at 5am with the faintist line of the two (I'm hoping this may be because I didn't go to bed till near on midnight an had drank quite a bit of water so was Up alot from midnight to 5 going wee.. So I'm guessing may have been a weak sample) 

    My last period was around the 7th last month (Really bad at keeping dates an always find its give or take a few days) 

    when was your last period hun?? General rule of thumb is that you ovulate roughly 2 weeks after your period! So I would go from there.. 

    Are you having any symptoms??

    There are ovulation kits you can buy.. 

    It can be so frustrating when ttc : ( x x 

  • Hey thanks for the response, all quite confusing really....

    i came off my pill the 12th April, withdrawal bleed 13th until the 17th April and not had a 'proper period yet'. Had unprotected sex the 23rd April and the 1st May. Been experiencing constant urination, a full feeling, bubble bursting/ cramping and a slight tingle to the nipples! So I don't know my cycle as I was on the pill for some time and no idea when I would have ovulated! Just don't know when to test! Sounds crazy but I was at a psychic a week ago and my reading was all about being pregnant. She basically said congratulations! I've got ovia app and according to that I'm on cd22 x

  • I could be soooooo wrong here hun so please don't take my word for it (years since I was on the pill an can't really remember) but it may be possible to have side effects of coming off the pill?? Which may seem like pregnancy symptoms. 

    I would make an apt with your Doctor an take it from there... 

    keep me posted hun.. I would love to hear you got your good news : ) x x 

  • oh I hadn't really thought of that! Will look it up! Guess I will just have to sit tight and wait for the first period? If nothing in a weeks time I will test and just continue weekly after that until a bfp or a period? x

  • I'm Yeah do that hun.. Fingers crossed this end for you!! : ) x x 

  • Hey everyone, : )

    I just wanted to give you all an Update.. Tonight I took a clearblue digital/weeks indicator test an got a positive saying 1-2 weeks pregnant.

    I'm really surprised to have got a positive this early on as I've heard that clearblue are not as sensitive as other brands an may take a little longer to show a positive result but its shows it can sometimes happen !! 

    I just wanted to share as I hope it helps anyone who might be in a little doubt over their faint lines.

    Wishing all you girlies lots an lots of baby dust your way an I hope you all get your happy news <3 

    x x x 


  • Wow! So happy for you! Wishing you the best of luck xxx

  • Thank you so much my lovely 😘

    Hope eveything goes well for you too !!!

    Love & Hugs x x

  • I will let you know! Going to test Saturday morning as I'm meant to be out for my friends 30th Saturday night. Probably too soon still!? I'd be cd26 by then xx

  • Yes defo msg me !!! Ive just privet msg'd you x x

  • I never tested...I'm too afraid of a bfn. All my test so far have shown a faint line in t after the designated time. Can I get evap line on all of them? xx

  • What test have you used hun and what colour was your line?? (Feel free to PM me a pic If your not sure)

    Some can show evap lines but they usually come Up over the time frame an can be more of a greyish pale colour if that makes sense.. 

    I did read somewhere that red dye tests are better then blue.. 

    x x 

  • ^ Sorry forgot to say.. I highly doubt that you would have evap lines in all of them within the designated time frame so hopefully it's a good sign : ) x x

  • I have never Used them tests before.. If you are supposed to get a line next to the (T) then that looks like a postive to me!! : ) 

    Did a line come Up next to the (S) ?? I'm guess that's a little window to show if the test has worked ?? 

    x x 

  • That's where I put the sample... The lines came up in t way after the time limit xx

  • So I tried an asda one...bfn xx

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