First month off of the pill

I came off of the pill 2 weeks ago, had a withdrawal bleed 4 days after stopping which lasted 2 days. Since I have had pregnancy type symptoms, feeling sick, tender breasts, needing to pee more often and loss of appetite, is this normal when stopping the pill or could it be possible that we have already managed to conceive?? First time trying for a baby, already have 2 boys, my little surprises who are now 6 and 8, so has been a long time since I was last pregnant, don't know if I'm getting my hopes up or not.



  • I'm im the exact same boat and now on cd31. Tested at cd28 and got a bfn....time will tell! It's very possible (and lucky) to conceive the first month off the pill so fx for you! Keep me posted xxx

  • Thanks, I sure will indeed because I really don't cycle at all I don't even know when to test if aunty flow doesn't turn up haha. Good luck to you as well x

  • Well if I'm going by a 28 day cycle then I'm 4 days late! I think I was nearer a 32 day cycle before I went on the pill which would mean my af is due tomorrow. ive had pregnancy like symptoms too but it just seems to be the withdrawel from the pill messing with my hormones. The only symptom I have now are headaches and tender nipples! If af is coming I wish it would just hurry up! Will test again Saturday if period not here and the following Saturday if still not here xx

  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you that Saturday brings a bfp, keep me posted. I'm thinking it's withdraw symptoms I am getting as well, although I think secretly both me and the other half are hoping it isn't, I have been on so many difference contraceptions since July 2009 I can't even remember what my cycle was like before hand, I downloaded an app to try and help me make sense of what is regular fingers crossed it helps haha x

  • So have I! Im not tracking ovulation or anything, just letting it run its course. Hope to just spring back to normal but I know that may not be the case... Fx for you too! We aren't actively trying trying, if it happens it happens if it doesn't we will be ok with that too but it's hard not to symptom spot! xx

  • Last month was my 1st month off the pill. Had a withdrawal bleed few days later. And true period started at the weekend. Before my true period I had lots of symptoms. It is very hard not to symptom check. They could all be side effects of stopping the pill but on the other hand could be one of the lucky few who fall pregnant the 1st month of ttc. Good luck to you both. Personally I'm glad my 1st true period is here, one step closer ttc and will be easier now to track and to calculate due date. Baby dust to you both. 

  • I have a feeling it's just symptoms from coming off the pill, in a way I hope my true period comes the same as you that way I will have a better idea, but if I am one of the lucky ones it will be awesome. I'm so broody just now don't think it helps my best mate is due her wee girl any day now as well, and she was one of the lucky ones who fell straight away after stopping the pill haha. Baby dust to you as well.

  • It happened to my sister and my mum too! I had a psychic reading which said I was pregnant and then the other night I dreamt of taken a positive pregnancy test! My minds Running wild! Test tomorrow morning as still no af. When you testing? xx

  • I have no idea when to test. Think if af hasn't arrived by next weekend then that is when I will test, my dreams have been crazy as well when I was on the pill I could never remember dreaming, the last week or so though they have been insane dreams, last night me and the other half dressed in grass skirts with crazy face paint and ran up and down my street hahaha. Oh me with all that how are you fighting the temptation to wait until tomorrow you have so much will power, I wouldn't be able to resist, when did you have the reading? X

  • With my 1st baby before the test I had no symptoms. But I just "knew" with all the other tests. I didn't get that gut feeling. I had a false positive and something just didn't feel right. 

    When did you come off the pill? They say it can take up to 2-4weeks for your true period to arrive. But then again it really is the case that everyone is different. 

  • I came off the pill the 12th April. Withdrawel bleed the 13th until the 17th. Bd'd 23rd April and the 1st May. I'm a sexual health worker so I know not to test for a true reading until 3 weeks after unprotected sex but see practicing what I preach....different story! I tested at cd28 and it was a bfn. I don't think I can look at another negative so tomorrow a test and then last test next Saturday. im scared to do it! I had the psychic reading the 28th May and can't get that or my dream out of my head xx

  • TTC makes us crazy doesn't it?! It's the waiting and wondering. 

    Good luck to you. 

  • gl to you too Beth, at least you now have an idea of your cycle xx

  • My reading was the 28th of April sorry not may! Getting ahead of myself haha xx

  • Well spotted! Hahaha didn't even notice. 

    I had a tarot card reading fair few years back and the lady said I'd get married in 3 years. I laughed! Back then I was so against marriage. Well not against, but it wasn't for me. 2 years later I got married! 

  • I have been off of it 3 weeks Monday coming. With my first I knew at 6 weeks, my second I showed no signs at all until I was 19 weeks went for my dating scan thinking max of 6 weeks gone, going by my first pregnancy, then got told I was already 22 weeks gone haha.  

    I think by reading both of your comments I need to go and get a reading haha xx

  • Well I caved and it's a bfn 😔 Now I feel down, why am I doing this to myself? Losing hope one month in that's awful! still the test next week if still no af 😔😔 xx

  • Awww no, hopefully it's just to early to test for you, if not then just think your that one month closer to getting your bfp and another month for things to get back to normal xx

  • 2 weeks gone. Oh my!

    It's really hard but keep yourself busy with other things. Let your hair down. It is still early days. Easier said than done. 

    I concieved somewhat quickly with my first. I honestly believe it's because we weren't "trying" or weren't thinking of it as "trying" 

  • I'm holding on to the knowledge that if I conceived on the 1st it's too soon to xx

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