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( picture attached ) Pink bleeding 6 days after my period ?

image 6 DAYS after my period im bleeding! I'm really worried as all morning I was getting left pains in lower stomach and lower left back pain, 3 hours later I went to the toilet and wiped I seen this pink blood. I've never ever been this early on a period I'm normally always on time or one day earlier at the most, my normal periods start off light red then bright red dark red then brown but this very early bleeding has been pink on the tissue I wiped with and now on my sanitary towel is orangey?/brown spottingimage (Sorry for the pictures 🙈🙈🙈🙈) . I've made love with my boyfriend on these dates this month 3/5/16 13/5/16 16/5/16 my period dates are 4/5/16 to 11/5/16. im having no pregnancy symptoms boobs arnt sore not feeling sick. Nothing at all other than this strange implantation bleeding maybe? Please let me know what you all think, should I take a test today ? 



  • It could be ovulation bleeding? X

  • Yes! I've never had this ovulation bleeding before though but can it just happen as one offs do you think? Thank you for commenting I had never heard of ovulation bleeding before but I think this is what it must be as to early for implantation bleeding x 

  • It does sound like ovaulation symptoms.

    Though doesn't hurt to take a test in a couple of weeks. 

  • Was your period a normal length and heaviness ? It might be worth doing a test now to rule out pregnancy 

  • Yes, well... it was a heavy flow like a normal period for me but the weird thing was I stopped bleeding on the 6th day of period and carried on bleeding the next day so it was all together 6 days of bleeding and not 7. Normally it is 7 days period with no day apart. I'm having no early signs of pregnancy yet though would that be to early anyway ?x

  • Some women get no signs what so ever. the bleeding itself could potentially be a sign to be honest. 

  • When's the best time to take a pregnancy tests? While I'm spotting or as soon as it stops or wait 2 weeks until period is due? x 

  • I would do one now to rule out you conceiving last cycle and if negative do another if your period doesn't arrive at end of this cycle 

  • Hi ladies, was wondering if ye could help me! My partner and I have been trying for 17 months, I got what I thought was my period on Sunday but it was just a brownish colour, then turned to a yellowish then to a pinky colour. Today I have a bit if pinky spotting but yesterday I had some cramping today I don't have any. Someone said it could be implantation bleeding.  Now I was due my period around this time. My cycles are 28 days. My last period was the 17th of April so I assume I was ovulating between the 29th of april and the 3rd of may! This has never happened me before. 

  • It's my 3rd day of spotting it has got slightly heavier this morning but still nothing like a period. 1st day of bleeding was pink! 2nd day was pink then light brown later on in the day. 3rd day is dark brown and a different looking like runny blood I suppose it looks like it has egg whites in it ( as its wet and shinier looking ) as well as a dark brown colour. I have been back on google searching up how long ovulation bleeding can last and it says it can last a few hours or at the most 2 days! I'm on my 3rd day and it's not looking like its stopping any time soon but the blood is much darker so maybe this will be the last day of it. I think I'll take a pregnancy tests after the spotting has stopped just incase! let me know what you all think x 

  • Sounds like implantation bleeding do a test 4 days after the bleeding has stopped image 

  • Did you have a normal period last cycle? I think 6 days after your period for implantation is too soon? 

    Ovulation symptoms/bleeding occurs typically around cd12-14. Where as implantation bleeding typically occurs a day or two before you period. 

    Egg white is a good sign for fertile mucus. 

  • My period was 1 day earlier than normal. I normally have 7 day periods but this one stopped bleeding on the 6th day no bleeding at all and the next day I carried on bleeding which was really unusual but they was heavy bleeding so don't think it could of been implantation bleeding. 

    thanks for giving me advice image

  • But that being said... You're not out till af shows up! 

    Good luck to you. 

  • So did you ever find out what was going on? 

  • Hi all. I'm new to all this and never done anything like this before but I'm at a loose end. So here's my story. Im 29year old and been with my partner 6 years. Since been together ive never been on contraception. At first we was like if it happens it happens if not there's plenty of time. For past 2 years we have tried and tried only to be left disappointed. I am very regular with my periods (every 28 days), which are heavy but that's normal for me. Now last month i came on a week early and was very light. Didn't think nothing of it. Now this month i started bleeding a week early again, but there was only blood when i wiped. This carried on for a day then stopped. Now 2 days after that i started spotting again but my period isn't due until end of the week in 4 days. Has anyone else had this if so I'd love any advice on what it could be .  Thanks for reading xx

  • Good imageevening I'm confused. Today is cycle day 40 I just left the doctors office to give them a Blood sample to search for HCG. I took a home pt yesterday April 5 2018 which was cycle day 39 came back negative. My last day of my last period was march 2 2018. Beginning Feb 27 2018. I also took a pt on April 1st cycle day 35 which came back negative too. Thus picture is today april 5 2018. Could this be pregnancy sign I last had sex April 2 2018 before that was march 25 the 2018. 

  • I have a question I started spotting today had my period about a week ago ... I want to see if its possible I'm pregnant or what it means when to take a test 

  • Hi I have got the same thing had very light period then 7 days later started spotting brown blood this happened to me last year had light period 5 days later started spotting 2 wks later found out I was pregnant so there is a chance you could be pregnant 

  • Hello to everyone Okay so I was supposed to get my period on the 20th but I got it on the 17th which was last Friday buttt it was light pink the entire day but then Saturday and Sunday was really heavy and then Monday it was light pink and then ended. Tuesday I had nothing so I thought I was in the clear. But Wednesday I had spotting again light pink. So idk what’s going on. This was how the spotting looked like on Wednesday after my period. (Sorry if I gross anyone out)image image

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