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Faint positive pregnancy test

Hey guys hear me out on my story and PLEASE help! Ive been on BC (camrese) since i had my son in May of last year. I currently had my sugar pill week and had a short "period" of 2-3 days on may 2nd-4th. I took a pregnancy test and it was a faint positive. Over the course since then ive taken multiple brands of pregnancy tests ( all faint positives) most of them were dollar tree pregnancy tests and have to be held up to the light to see the positives. Until today i did have a positive pregnancy test. I went for a urine test on monday and it came back negative, a blood test on thursday and it came back negative, went for another urine test yesterday and that was negative. My doctor suggested i come back in 10 days for a blood test and if thats negative then im not pregnant... Should i wait until my next missed period? I feel pregnant. Im having cramps yet i never had this experience of faint pregnancy tests with my first child. Please help! imageimageimage



  • Hi guys I'm new here so this is what my test looks like does anyone else see the faint line ? 

  • image is it just me N my family that can see this REALLY REALLY faint line?

  • imageAm I losing my mind? I took this test yesterday (6 days before missed period) and I swear there's a faint line there. It was there within three minutes. have y'all had this in the past? is it positive? Idk! Help!

  • Hi guys was wondering if any of you could see the ridiculously thin positive on a test i took this morning?ximage

  • I'd say that was a BFP!x

  • I can see it! 

  • I'm really confused I have been feeling very exhausted lately and been having tender breasts and I've decided to take a pregnancy test and received a very faint line. Could I be pregnant?image

  • I was spotting in the beginning of this month and i didn't get my period which was due on the 20. On the 28the I started spotting then that ended on the 30th. I went to the clinic and the test said negative. I took a test becauSe that was weird. I got a faint positive! Tell me if it's darker or not compared to a month agoimageimage

  • Baybe that second picture looks like a positive. However I really dont trust blue dye tests and many ladies will agree. I'd try a first response

  • imageHey ladies, so am I the only one that can see a very faint line? My husband and I haven't really been trying but I haven't been feeling myself the past couple of days so decided to take a test. I've never seen a super faint line pop up before. I was just wanting some opinions. I really had to squint my eyes to see it. 

  • I can see it RLN but it's too faint to tell if its a faint bfp or an indent line (which first response often have even though they are a good test)

    take another of the same test in a couple of days and if its a positive it will get darker xx

    good luck!

  • Hi everyone, me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant. I had symptoms on and off but I do actually feel pregnant now. Did 2 tests today but lines were faint. But could i be pregnant? image

  • definately positive chaz congratulations!

  • Just don't want to raise my hopes. Can you get 2 false positive tests? Xx

  • Not with lines like that unless you are on a medication that contains hcg. Those are dark lines. If you want reassurance take a digital test

  • Not on any medication. Guess my next test has to be digital. Thank you so much xx

  • You're welcome good luck and congrats!

  • imageis this another positive. They just look faint? X

  • Yes absolutely positive. Take a digital!

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