The 2 week wait!! Weighing up very early symptoms - Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for The 2 week wait!! Weighing up very early symptoms peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.





  • Hi ladies ! xxxx

  • Thanks Danielle xx

  • Woohoo new thread!

  • How are you kiwi , just off work today doing last min birthday shopping for my boyfriend , nightmare 🙈🙈

    iv got tons of sticky cm so think I must be ovulating now god knows what's going on ! There's me thinking I ovulated days ago 😂🙈 useless


  • New thread always means new bfp's 

    So I'm spreading sticky baby dust to u all!!!! 

  • Hiyaaa did u see my last message other thread xx if I was to get a clear blue test tday 6 days bfore period would it detect preg xxx

  • I've never used them ones. I don't think they have a low sensitivity? I could be wrong. So might be worth waiting bit longer. But it is entirely up to you ofcourse. 

  • The wait is killing me if it wasn't for two neg I would swear i was preg lol xxxx and one got a bfp at 8dpo ??????? Xx

  • I really don't know yummymummy.... people swear by first response but it doesn't detect me as early. Once cb are expensive so I probably would wait for at least another 2 days and try a fr..... 

  • Hi ladies 

    Still no sign of AF for me. Still getting these weirdo cramps that come and go and my trousers feel tight today I reckon I'm bloated. 

    Lord knows what my body is doing...after 2 negative tests I can't be pregnant can i?!?! Xxx 

    sugar, little one, leo, littleb how are you? Xx

  • Hi ladies, 

    Claz83 is been a while. How are you now? you must have added now,am so happy for you.

    Am still having the same symptons; cramps now on my both side hips and center of my lower abdomen, atimes a sudden sharp pain on my lower abdomen, my temperature always high at night, my lower back hip aches too, my breast still full and tender with little soreness only when touched, always hungry, constant urinating not so much like before,slight headache. No sign of period at all

  • Bec how many dpo are you? Yours sound similar to mine

  • omah I'm overdue AF by 5 days x

  • I'm overdue 9 days now! Took a test earlier and it was unclear then came up with just one faint line 10 mins after .... Don't know what to think.

    cant take another negative !!

  • Omg I just decided to take one of my internet cheapies a day early and it came back with an instant strong BFP. So freaked out! I'm too scared to do a second...

  • image What do you think? Can there be any doubt?! 

  • Congratulations sugar enjoy ur pregnancy xxxx

  • Eeeeekkkkk sugar !! So excited and happy for you woo !! Congratulations xxxxxxx

  • Little one dont be down about it and I hope you are ok , did you do a sensitive test ? Maybe have a blood test at docs ? Xx

  • Bec I'm good thanks maybe you are bloated because it could be your month ?! Let's hope so xx

    are you cycles still adjusting or you regular ? 

    I was regular after the pill for 11 months and last month my cycle just changed and period came early 😣😣 xx

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